Where to Visit in Providence, RI

I spent the best four years attending Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. I made lifelong friends, created everlasting memories, and explored every area of the state. Rhode Island will always be a second home to me after New Jersey.

Main Campus- Gaebe Commons

Love the architecture of the building on the left. 

When I was a student neither of the places below existed. The closest Starbucks was in the Biltmore, which was only a few blocks but the opposite way of campus. Although on the pricier side, the Biltmore is a gorgeous property centered in Downtown, Providence. Other places to stay in the area are Courtyard Providence Downtown, Providence Marriott Downtown, The Dean Hotel, Hampton Inn & Suites Providence Downtown, Omni Providence Hotel, Hilton Providence, Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel, and Hotel Providence

I did my externship at the Courtyard Providence Downtown and when my parents would come to visit they always stayed at the Providence Marriott Downtown. All of the properties listed above are wonderful. I've had friends work for them, tour them, stay in them and each and every property offers something different and for every type of traveler! 

Finally on Campus 

View from the Starbucks on Campus
For my Freshman year I lived in a dorm off of Atwells Ave in the Federal Hill area. You can hear the church bells, enjoy fine dining and shop along the main strip. I would frequent Angelo's for a good home cooked Italian meal whenever I was stressed during finals. You have to try a Wimpy Skippy from Caserta Pizzeria. Be sure to finish off your food tour at Pastiche Fine Desserts and don't forget to try their All-American Chocolate Cake or Chocolate Walnut Truffles.

Waterfire Providence is a nonprofit arts organization whose mission is to inspire Providence and its visitors that fosters community and revitalize the urban experience. I loved volunteering and supporting the organization while attending college.

Thayer Street is popular to students from Brown, JWU, RISD, Providence College and other local high schools and universities. With many independent shops it's a communal area for those foodies, students, and visitors.

For more recommendations you can shoot me a message through the contact form or an email to tracyheather87@gmail.com.

What is one of your favorite cities to visit? 



  1. There's something so great about college towns, I always love when I get to visit mine! Interestingly, Rhode Island is the only state in the US that I haven't been to - I will have to get there eventually!

    1. Yes, love college towns! Rhode Island is wonderful and super close to Boston and easy to get to via public transportation. Visit Providence and head south to Newport!

  2. I loved Providence! How amazing you got to live there and be a student. It is definitely a must visit when visiting the USA.

    1. It was the best. I also lived in Newport for a summer on the beach and I seriously could go back in a heartbeat!

  3. I love the vibe and feels of college town, there's always so much dynamics! I haven't been to Providence but it looks wonderful! I really wished I would have had the courage to move away from home when I was a student, looks like you had a great experience!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I agree college towns have wonderful vibes and feels. Providence had 4 colleges in just the town/city so it was great to be among peers everywhere!


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