Weekend Recap

This weekend flew by, friends.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with reflection, attending services at temple, celebrating my best friends 30th birthday and attending the New York Times Travel Show.

Friday after work I headed home for a quick nap before heading to temple for Friday evening services. The past few weeks have been "rough" to say the least with our current world affairs, far too many deaths and the overall change in weather I needed some time to reflect. The rabbi's sermon was on point about location and being in the right place at the right time. Her shared this story about how a woman survived a tornado in her bathtub after being carried 200+ feet from where here home once stood. I left feeling more peaceful, tranquil and ready for the weekend!

Saturday was for running errands, finally getting a haircut and celebrating my best friends 30th birthday at the Asbury Festhalle & Biergartern. First off, it was a surprise and for those who know me, know I am horrible at keeping them, yet I was successful! There had been a beer tasting earlier in the day and a chocolate festival down the road which made the hall extra crowded. We were able to get a table up front so when she arrived we could all yell surprise and she would see us right away! Since I had drove down I only had one glass of wine!

Haircut & Blowout


Best Friend since 2nd Grade

Asbury Festhalle & Biergarten

As Sunday rolled around I was more then excited as I got to attend the New York Times Travel Show! I will have a detailed post up this week! Being in NYC always brings me joy. The trade show floor was fabulous and the speakers were on point. One huge takeaway "Don't be scared to travel, with everything going on travel will still be there."

One more round of 30th birthday celebrations and I am now ready for bed. I crawling into bed one happy lady tonight filled with hope and inspiration that I want to share with all!

How was your weekend?



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