Friday Favorites #16

Happy Friday, friends.

It has been an awesome week here filled with work, a Clemson win, meeting friends for dinner and plenty of writing and photography. I knew going into 2017 I would need to keep to a schedule and stay organized to keep from procrastinating and thanks to my Kate Spade Planner I have been killing it in the organization department!

Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal located in Liberty State Park, Jersey City

I'm off this weekend and other then taking my father and his fiance to the airport at 4am on Saturday morning I have nothing planned.

Let's jump right into what I am loving this week and as always please drop a comment or answer on Instagram!

My new commute to work driving is about 35 minutes and lately I have been listening to podcasts. There are so many great ones out there, and I would agree with Lexi from Cup of Jo about "Call Your Girlfriend." Adding the others to my ongoing list of podcasts.

How many times can President Barak Obama make us cry, during his final week in office? (Please don't go) From his Farewell Speech to awarding VP Joe Biden with the highest medal of honor, The Medal of Freedom he is one class act and a hard act to follow.

I love visiting friends in Hoboken and Jersey City so these 4 Speakeasy-Style Cocktail Bars have been added to my list for my next trips up there!

200 buses have applied for city parking on Inauguration Day. 1,200 have applied for the Women's March. This article speaks for itself.

I don't like having a scale in the house. I am not a numbers person. Yet I have been sticking to more healthy eating and this Kale Caesar Salad is being added to my lunch rotation ASAP. I can tell I am losing weight by how my pants fit. One day at a time. Small steps.

What is your favorite podcast? Or do you have a favorite salad recipe I should try? 



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