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When I graduated college back in 2009 kids were coming home for a few months before locating to the city or this town called, Hoboken. Under my circumstances with the passing of my mother I decided to move the Manhattan and chose the first apartment I saw. During that time I visited friends for the first time in Hoboken and fell in love with the small town feel just minutes from the bustling city. Every now and then I would visit friends for Brunch, Dinner, or a night out on the town. My friend invited me to try LasOlas Sushi Bar & Grill last night and it was great timing as I was off yesterday. Wednesday's are 2-for-1 on any classic rolls which was seriously such a great deal. We ordered a bottle of wine, shared one signature roll and each ordered our own two rolls.

Ocean Roll

Eel Roll & Spider Roll
Why should you visit Hoboken? That's easy from the many restaurants and shops to the beautiful waterfront the small town charm will draw you in. Hop on the Path and you can be in NYC in 25 minutes. There is also Liberty State Park, The Liberty Science Center, and Jersey City right in the area.

Located on the waterfront with views of lower NYC the W Hoboken is great place to stay for the weekend or when you are in town. As it may be on pricier side the accommodations are 5* and the convenience makes it worth it. I would also highly recommend checking out AirBnB for a great deal. Get the feel of living in Hoboken at the fraction of the price. Live like a local, walk the streets, stop into the cafes and people watch is something I love doing, especially in a new town or city.

Shopping is a hobby for me. From window shopping to just trying things on and sometimes actually buying something there are so many cute boutiques in Hoboken. I am quite the consignment shopper and love spending hours browsing the racks, which is why I love Mint Market. I am always looking for cute stationary, or interesting jewelry pieces and Dear Hannah & Town House Shops are usually my first two stops! 

Before walking the town and doing some shopping I am sure to stop in to bwe kafe or Black Rail Coffee for a tea or cup of coffee. Its no secret I love avocado and therefore I am a huge fan of Black Rail's Avocado Toast with a Latte. 

My favorite time of the day, Happy Hour. For all things related to Happy Hour I first check out Hoboken Happy Hours on Twitter. Their website is also very helpful when looking for something last minute or planning in advance with a big group of friends. I can honestly say I love the summer at Ainsworth and during the winter I am more of a Maxwell Tavern girl. Be sure to check the specials online for many of the bars in town. Jen from HobokenGirl is another wonderful blog filled with so much information. 

Finding yourself hungry after Happy Hour, sure you can stay at the bar and order food or try any of the delicious restaurants located throughout Washington St (The Main Street in Town) or on the side streets. I am all for finding hidden gems on the side streets, like Sri Thai or Cucharamama. My friend also introduced me to Margherita's Restaurant which is BYOB. 

I will be sharing my photos form Liberty State Park in a separate post, so be sure to check them out as well. 

What is your favorite small town? 



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