New York Times Travel Show

This past weekend the New York Times Travel Show was held at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC. At the last minute I decided to purchase a day pass for Sunday. There would be many travel and media professionals in one area which excited me as I love to travel, write about travel, daydream about travel and hope to one day become a full time-traveler!

I have been following Shelby, of TravelFitLove for a while and was excited to learn she would be at the show and I could finally put a face to a name. I can't wait until I can book a trip to Australia and have her help plan that wonderful experience.

I had hoped too meet Sarah Dandashy of askaconcierge  however we were unable to meet up. I love her short clips like this one! One day I hope to have a chance to meet her.

Kelly Lewis, the founder of Go! Girl Guides was speaking on a panel "Thinking About Traveling Solo? Here are the Top Places to Travel Alone in 2017" along with some other great speakers. I was able to attend toward the end and one of the key points was "Don't be afraid, be smart." After the panel I was able to meet Kelly in person and she is just as amazing after reading her books, website and articles about her. I hope to one day attend Women's Travel Fest, a festival she hosts. This year she just made this amazing announcement!

With snow in the forecast and the cold weather here in New Jersey I am more then ready for a trip down south for some warmer weather! Until then I will #ChooseWarmth in my daydreams!

It's never too late to discover your inner explorer! You can explore in your backyard, an hour away, for one day or ten days. Get out there and just explore!

Love the teal suitcase!

No matter where you travel you should always try and connect local for the best places. I wish the sign had said Travel Global, Connect Local!

I'm always ready. How about you? What is next on your list?

This dress was just one highlight of the day!

Where are you traveling too next? What is your dream destination? 



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