Mystic, CT

This past weekends road-trip took me to Hudson, MA for my college roommate baby shower followed by Providence, RI and the last stop on my New England tour was Mystic, CT. Saturday night after leaving Providence I arrived at the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Coventry, RI for the night. I literally had my dad book it on Priceline as I was driving from MA to RI only a few hours before I would check in! It was the perfect place to relax, unwind, and recharge before my last day on the road. For $63 it included a full breakfast, complimentary wi-fi and free parking! I was up and out around 9:30 on Sunday. 

Filled the car with gas and was on the road to Mystic, CT. I knew I wanted to walk around the seaport area. I will be back to visit the Mystic Aquarium, Historic Downtown Mystic and more. 

 There is a free parking lot across the street from the entrance above to the Seaport. Since I had arrived early on a Sunday morning in winter the area was quiet. There were a few joggers out here and there but other then that no cars in the lot and no people in the gift shop.

I will take the yellow house across the water, please. Any of the houses actually in the area are beautiful and in pristine shape. There is so much architecture and I look forward to spending a few spring days out there with my camera!

The red berries. Seriously this is one of my favorite shots from the weekend! I visited the gift shop before walking along the main street and let me tell you that wall of fudge, I could have easily bought every flavor, but I resisted. They offer free samples; however I was too early. 

The globe ornaments were so well crafted and the shop keeper explained it is one the most common items purchased. Travel the world, it's great for the soul.

I found the perfect blanket scarf and picked it up! I haven't stopped wearing it since Monday. I love the oranges and fall colors. Make sure you stop in the gift shop before you head out of town.

Next up I walked along the main road for a while taking in the houses and learning as much as I could about Mystic and the people who lived there. On a nice day I would have walked about 3 miles rather then the 1 I did on Sunday. Here are just a few shots.

That entrance way above is truly breathtaking. I image little children running up and greeting there parents at the door. Hanging out on the porch playing with their siblings and friends making it a common area for them to hang out.

Can I move in? The fence, the exterior, and the overall charm of the home makes this a true cottage in Mystic, CT.

This is the view from the Twisters Ice Cream parking lot. A small shop that neighbors Seaview Snack Bar. Both weren't opened and I am so anticipating my next trip up there to try both places. 

As I walked back to my car I realized how much history is all around us even in our own hometowns and backyards. I love to explore and hope to do more and share with you guys what I stumble upon. The ride home took about 5 hours and there was really no traffic through CT, NY and NJ. 

Also be sure to check out the Mystic Dinner and you can stay locally at the Hyatt Place Mystic or check out Priceline

Any fun travel plans coming up?



  1. The globe ornaments are my favorite and I don't usually buy while traveling. I've heard so much about Mystic and I don't live too far, adding this to my summer/fall explore more of CT list!

    1. I know, I wish I had purchased one. A trip back is in my future. The Northeast has so much to offer!

  2. LOVE those globe ornaments! If you go back, i'll take 10!

    1. I wish I had purchased one. I am already planning a fall trip back there!

  3. I have family in Mystic and spent so many summers at the Sea View Snack Bar! Thank you for bringing back all those fond memories with your lovely post.

    1. That's amazing. I am jealous but also grew up on the Jersey Shore and had similar memories!


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