S(no)w Weekend

If you live in the Northeast you know we saw some snow this weekend. While many may have enjoyed playing in it and getting cozy by the fire, I was at work until we closed early at 3. My normal half hour commute home took close to an hour and 45 minutes. While I am glad I made it home and took my time, I want to say thank you to the New Jersey Department of Sanitation for being out there 24-7 Friday through Sunday to clear the roads. 

There was no time this weekend to play in the snow and that is fine with me. Saturday night my sister convinced me to play Cards Against Humanity for the first time, and let me just say it was pretty funny. Yesterday's commute to work was actually the complete opposite as I left myself time and made it earlier then expected. The snow has brought on emotions I didn't know were buried about my childhood and spending winters in Vermont at our Ski House. The memories of sledding, hot cocoa in front of the fire, ski school and the friends and family we spent time with are some of my favorite. I hold them close to my heart. 

I know I will hit the slopes again one day, however in the meantime I will remember the memories and look through old photos. 

What is your favorite "snowy" memory? 



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