Sundays are for Antique Shopping

The sun was shining and I woke up early after a great nights sleep. I knew today would be a great day. I started with a bagel from my all-time favorite bagel place, Bagel World and drove up the the cemetery to visit mom. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my post about "I Love You" and how important it is to share that with your loved ones before it is too late. Too many losses this past week.

I was inspired by Meg to check out local Antique shops in New Jersey. Her posts are very inspiring and full of such creative ideas. Last night I picked two great shops in different towns that were close enough I could visit both of them in the select hours they were opened on a Sunday. Check out my Insta Stories and Snapchat (TracySaysWhat) for more from today!

First up, The Summit Antiques Center located on Morris Ave, in Summit, New Jersey. Located in Northern New Jersey the center has been opened for 26 years in a 19th Century building. With two floors of vintage, country, Victorian, Mid-Century and more you are bound to find something you may not have even been searching for. I easily could have spent the entire day rummaging through the shops of different dealers. For the travel lover there were plenty of globes, maps, and other pieces. Looking for furniture, lets talk desks, credenzas, benches, and some gorgeous mirrors.

Packed and ready for an adventure

Travel the World and Explore


There were so many great treasures throughout both floors. The camera, suitcase and globe and I would be set for my next adventure.

Next up I headed to Westfield, New Jersey to visit Golden Bee Antiques. I was greeted by Rambo, a Chihuahua Pomeranian mix and then by Pat the owner. The store is filled with vintage clothing, jewelry, and other collectibles just waiting to be snatched up. Rambo, followed me around as I was the only patron in the store for about 45 minutes.

That headboard

Thank You For Your Service

There are so many other antique shops that I now want to visit in New Jersey. Do you have any recommendations?

My final stop, Anthropologie, which is not an antique shop is always filled with inspiration and I wanted to purchase everything in the photos below. Now I am on the hunt for antiques that would fit in that space once I create it.

Office Space

Travel Writer Inspiration

Be sure to do your research when it comes to antiques. Know what you are willing to spend and the value of the items you are looking at. Be strong in your negotiation and firm in your bottom line. I think that with time you are more likely to be successful.

Do you like to antique shop? How was your weekend? 



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