2017 Word + Actions

We are just three days in to 2017 and I am writing this post in bed, as I am knocked out with a stomach bug. One of my major failures last year was staying hydrated so this year I am setting an intention to drink more fluids and keep from constantly being dehydrated. That however is not my word for 2017.

Last year I started this blog on January 8 and was not sure what the year would bring. My word was commitment and I wanted to commit to keeping the blog going, sticking to plans with friends, building/growing relationships and working on my professional goals. 2016 was filled with highs and lows and not the best year personally or professionally. That is the past and we are now in the present and looking toward the future, which brings me to my 2017 word......PRESENT.

I want to fill each moment focus, attention, and heart and really be present in that moment. In order to be "Present" I have come up with some actions that I plan too implement in order to achieve my goals.

1) I plan to limit my time spent on social media.
2) Leave my phone in my bag when out with friends or family. Completely shut it off.
3) Get outside as often as I can.
4) Really listen to others and have open communication.
5) Take a deep breath before getting stressed or angry.

What is your word or resolution for 2017? 



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