From the earliest time I can remember I have always loved to travel with my family. My extended family would usually accompany us on many of our local trips to Martha's Vineyard as well as to Disney World. Now that I am older I look forward to solo travel locally as well as internationally hopefully sooner rather then later. 

I recently read this post by Amanda, a local blogger living in Philadelphia, a city I hope to visit in the next few months. I am really looking forward to 12 trips over 12 months this year. This weekend I am heading on a road trip up to Boston to see my college roommate to celebrate her baby shower. I can't believe she is going to be a mom, but I do know she will be an amazing mother. I am leaving Friday and will return Sunday and am looking forward to exploring CT, MA, and RI on this trip. That means 48 hours in 3 states. 


As I was reading Carly's post about where she wants to visit this year I knew I had to write down some places that I hope to visit this year. 

I have one large international trip planned with my aunt for my 30th birthday, Spain for 11 days


Here are some other places that I hope to visit in 2017 in no particular order. 

1) Philadelphia
2) Annapolis, MD
3) Portland, OR
4) Pittsburgh, PA
5) Phoenix, AZ

As for international travel maybe at the end of the year I will head to either London or Israel. Having friends that live in both areas make it a hard decision. 

What are your travel plans this year? 



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