Remember that child that would always get in trouble in school for talking too much or talking back? Well, since that child was me and to this day I still talk over everyone and am constantly engaging with anyone that will listen to me, I decided to create Tracy Say's. A creative outlet where I share all things; Travel, Food, and Photography!

Born and raised in New Jersey, I have a huge soft spot for my home state and which I can be at the Jersey Shore in 30 minutes or NYC in an hour. I attended college and lived in Rhode Island for, four years before moving home then into NYC for two years. The best two years living in a tiny 265 square foot studio on the Upper East Side and enjoying every minute! Followed my heart down to Southern Florida for a year before moving back home to New Jersey where I currently reside today! 

Some days I am a solo traveler while other days I can be found traveling the globe with my family! Travel has been in my blood since I was a tiny tot and one of my first trips was to Disney World. I don't remember the trip but I remember many trips back later in life! Whether it is traveling in the United States or to another country I love immersing myself into the culture, eating the local food, and of course starting up a conversation with the locals!

You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter! Thank you for following along on my journey!