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Goodbye 2020

Point Pleasant Sunset, Summer 2020 Here we are just 15 days away from closing 2020 and ringing in 2021. Together we rode out the storm of 2020; however we did it in our own vessel; whether it be a yacht, a tugboat or a life-raft. There was heartache, loss, and despair yet at times, there was also joy, silver linings, and moments of peace. What you as an individual take away from 2020 is all about you. Just because Taylor Swift released two albums, doesn't mean you waking up every morning is any less significant. That last sentence is so important and something that I have been thinking a lot about lately and you know what, I am proud of what I did in 2020.  I can honestly say Jan-March 18th is a blur; however from March 19th- today there are so many very clear details some bigger than others, all worth celebrating in their own right. Unfortunately, not every event was worth celebrating, such as the loss of my only living grandparent in the last week of March, and the only one I kne

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