What Blizzard?

If you are in the northeast or watch the weather you heard we were in for a Blizzard over the last 24 hours. Our area only landed up with a few inches but heavy sleet. With the roads not in the greatest condition I called in for a snow day and spent the day at home.

Here are some photos from our non-blizzard snow day.

We made sure the bar was stocked. Chasers included Pineapple Juice, Sprite and Diet Coke. Let's just say we had more then enough. Not shown were the 6-packs of Blue Moon and Steel Pier in the fridge. 

We made 50+ chicken cutlets for dinner last night. Plenty of leftovers for the lunch for the next few days. I enjoyed spending time in the kitchen making them. It sparked a conversation, do you eat them cold? Do you enjoy them after a wild night out? 

A few weeks ago I found a photo from when I was 7 and had a disposable camera in my hand. Then I found another photo from when I was 11 with a point and shoot. We have ties to B&H Photo and I have worked there for a few years. I was surrounded by amazing photographers all of who inspired me everyday. Recently I have enjoyed shooting more and more and have been playing around with my Rebel XTi. 

Did you know today is Pi Day? We celebrated by devouring this Apple Crumb Pie from Wegmans while playing Monopoly. I lost and am writing this as my sister and boyfriend continue to play the game. 

What would be your ideal snow day?



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