Monday Motivation

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken"- Oscar Wilde

Do you find yourself ever wondering what your life would be like if you were someone else, someone you follow on Instagram or Twitter? How about the person on Facebook with 1,000 plus friends? 

I was talking with a colleague today about how we are each different in our own way and that is how we stand out. When you haven't walked in the shoes of another person don't think just because on social media their life looks perfect it is. We all have our own struggles. You know what's even worse, many won't even talk about it in fear of being seen as weak or fake. 

I am loud. I am outgoing. When I laugh 90% of the time I land up laughing so hard I can barely breathe. I talk to myself. I am an open book. I am quirky. As I approach 30 it's time to stop caring what others think because you know what, you are the best version of yourself. 

So I leave you with this for some #MondayMotivation! 

What is your favorite quality about yourself? 



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