Friday Favorites #26

Happy Friday, friends!

This week was filled with work, exploring, and some inspiring Twitter Chats. This weekend is split between more work, writing and spending time with friends!

Let's jump into what I am loving and what is making me smile this week. Share in the comments or leave a comment on Instagram!

Floating Food Forest coming to New York City. I wish I still lived on the Upper East Side.

Louisville has always been on my list of places to visit, and thanks to Alexa from Eating NYC now I really need to visit.

I've heard great things about Acupuncture. This article may be the post I need to give it a try. Have you had it done before?

Visiting Israel was an unforgettable trip. I loved every second of it and I wish everyone could have the same opportunity. Making it accessible for everyone is Orel Lapid.

I hated the monkey bars as a kid. Now they are my favorite type of exercise. Don't laugh until you try it.

What are your weekend plans? What are you loving this week?



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