With having both Saturday and Sunday off I knew I had to take advantage of the weekend. Friday night my sister and I decided we would spend Saturday shopping, something I loved doing with her and my mom before she passed away. It also included a deep conversation about dating, what I am looking for, what I want and how I have to break out of my comfort zone, yet at the same time just be myself. With people I know I am the most outgoing person you will meet. When it comes to dating and the opposite sex I freeze. She had some great advice that I hope to use moving forward! 

Saturday we hit up the mall, the outlets, and individual stores all in a few hours and our haul was great! 

I needed jeans and sneakers for my upcoming trip to Spain. I also needed to get some new tops as my sister told me it was time to step up my style, drop the leggings and start dressing the part. She isn't 100% wrong but it took some convincing and guiding yesterday to get me to purchase items that looked great on me. 

How cute are these sneakers?

Photo Source
Here is a photo of the rest of our purchases. 

Updated Wardrobe

After a full day of shopping we decided to make Chicken and Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas for dinner! Cooking together has become a weekly routine and I am very much enjoying spending time in the kitchen with my sister and her boyfriend. He still cooks a majority of the meals but I am getting my hands dirty more and more! 

They had plans to celebrate a friend's birthday at a local bar in town. When my sister mentioned she was going to Locals I never expected that to be the actual name of the bar. With the five minute drive from our house I decided to go with them. Since they were celebrating a friend I would be the DD and that didn't bother me one bit. We got ready and headed out around 10:15. We arrived and as we entered the bar, which is in a strip mall( a New Jersey thing) I was automatically carded! You walk into a bar on the right and tables on the left. In the back is a DJ booth and beer pong table set up. Past the tables are Darts, Pool, Foosball, and a VIP seating area. Having never been there I was interested to see the crowd. The best way to break it down, is everyone is a "local." From the women who are reliving their youth to the young adults it's a mix of people! Drinks were reasonably priced. It was the perfect night for entertainment and celebrating a friends birthday! 

Between talking Tinder & dating, shopping and cooking it was a great weekend! 

What did you do this weekend?



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