Friday Favorites #23

Happy Friday, friends.

It's been a weird, crazy, rough week filled with many emotions ranging from sadness to madness and some bits of happiness. This funk has triggered my anxiety to kick into full gear, taking over my sleep and eating patterns this week. After a conversation last night with a friend out of state I realized I need to take back control and listen to my mind and body. Most importantly I need to listen to myself and not others who want to voice all their opinions. To be completely honest, the only persons who opinion that matters, is my own.

Remember, please feel free to share something that you love or something that made you smile in the comments or on Instagram.

My co-workers and I are always talking about what to eat for lunch or what others are eating.

Can you remember a defining moment in your childhood or young adult life. My high school shared this amazing moment!

My college friend, Josh hosts this amazing podcast, with a former Real Housewives of NYC. Check it out, ASAP!

My love for chocolate it out of control. Adding this location to my go-to list in NYC!

A colleague from my days at the American Cancer Society is launching Sat Nam Babe, a company she has been building over the past year! Talk about inspiration and following your heart, she is.

What are you loving this week?



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