It's a very "Delicious" Orchards

This rainy Saturday I found myself driving straight to Delicious Orchards for a morning of wandering through the Country Food Market. 

When you first walk in you are greeted with the most beautiful plants and flowers. The pop of color was exactly what I needed on this cold and dreary day. My mom had a green thumb, something I unfortunately never inherited from her. Maybe one day I will purchase a plant and see if I can keep it alive. 

The overwhelming smell of the bakery draws you in. The wide array of baked goods are all made on-site in their scratch bakery. Workers are constantly replenishing the bread baskets, filling the glass counters with delicious pastries, and eager to share their favorite pies. No matter your taste buds everything that is fresh will taste delicious, I promise. You can ever order online if you aren't in the Colts Neck area. 

These famous Apple Cider Donuts are mouthwatering and you can choose from plain or powdered one. They come in a 6-pack therefore I recommend purchasing at least 2 packages for 2 or more people. 

As you continue through the market you will find some of the finest meats, freshest seafood, unique deli items, coffee and tea bar, chocolate area as well as the amazing cider!

Three different people were talking about these Bacon Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes. As I overheard the conversations I was drawn to the case to see some other bites. 

Once I moved on I found the "gem" of all gems, the cider wall as I called it. Home to the only cider I will drink, I was happy to see the full case. I am not an apple cider girl, yet the below Apple Cider carton can be demolished in about 2 days. I never tried the Cranberry-Apple. 

Chocolate, Coffee & Tea in the same room? You can leave me there for hours and let me sample each and everyone. The wood paneling is throughout the market making it feel very warm and welcoming. Overall you could spend hours just walking around, tasting samples, and striking up conversations with every friendly staff person. 

After you check out, be sure to stop for a Juice or Smoothie before heading to the Cider Cafe. Check out the menu here. In the Spring/Summer/Fall you can sit outside at one of the many picnic benches or tables. Inside there tables as well for the colder months, and like today when the ground was covered in snow. 

It's no surprise that I love this cute, warm, and welcoming market. You can even buy these cute little bags. Supporting the community is very important and I love that they have a fundraising program. What an amazing history behind a very-well known establishment, that can see up to 2.5 million visitors in a year. 

Where is your favorite local market? Do you have a green thumb?



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