International Women's Day

If you didn't realize that today is #InternationalWomensDay well now you know. You can read more about the day here.

Celebrating the amazing woman who graced my life and is no longer with us; my mother.

She was diagnosed with cancer when I was just a infant and went on to fight the disease for the next 23 years until she passed away in June 2010.

When I think of strength I remember the woman who raised two girls to become independent women. When I think of fighter I remember the woman who had chemotherapy treatments and then went straight to work after, not letting down the autistic children she worked with.
When I think of courage I remember the woman who didn't let the disease rule her life.
When I think of determination I remember the woman who made sure she watched my younger sister graduate high school even though she was pretty sick at the time.
When I think of laughter I remember the woman who would laugh so hard she could barely breathe. I tend to get myself in the same predicament.

As I wear red today and stand with every woman out there I am reminded that my mother, my biggest influence and role model would be proud of both my sister and I.

I have had this song on repeat today.

I read this on Instagram.

The Lady Project was co-founded by a college peer, Sierra Barter. Check out this amazing organization!

It's time we use our voice and our platforms for better. Be the Change!

Who are some women that inspire you?



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