Broad Street Dough Co.

This time last week I was enjoying a delicious doughnut and ice coffee on the Asbury Park Boardwalk as the weather was in the mid 60's. Today we are getting some more flurries after yesterday's non-blizzard.

Let's talk about the doughnuts. Broad Street Dough Co is located in Oakhurst, NJ a few miles from Asbury Park and other surrounding beach towns. Having read about them on Buzz Feed and Refinery 29, two of my favorite publications, I knew I had to check out the joint for myself. Come on, I live 35 minutes away.

Located in the back corner of a strip mall,this small store front doesn't even have tables. You walk in to an open and airy concept where you can see "the magic" that happens behind the counter. On the opposite wall is a small wooden bar and above that are notes left on these hearts.

After you pass the above photo you are greeted with the following signs. One has the descriptions of each doughnut, while the other is a picture. Let you mouth drool over that for a minute. 


So many options. Too many choices to choose from. What's a girl to do? Do you buy one of each? How can I go home empty handed? 


After seeing each doughnut I seriously contemplated purchasing one of each. Bad idea, I know. It just means plenty of more trips to Broad Street Dough Co this summer!

I had the hardest time deciding one which ones to purchase. I took into consideration what my sister would like and what her boyfriend might enjoy and still had a hard time. Thanks to the wonderful ladies behind the bar they made some of the decisions easier with giving their favorites or top sellers. They also post their daily specials on their Instagram!

Immediately I was drawn to their Girl Scout collection which included; Thin Mint, Samoa's & my all-time favorite, Tagalongs. 

In the end I decided on the following:

A) S'mores Galore
B) The Momouth
C) Route 35
D) Tagalong

It was hard leaving with just four doughnuts. There is no doubt in my mind I will be making plenty of more trips back there, especially this summer. I also should mention they are located between my home and job. This could get dangerous, I repeat this could get dangerous. 

Every doughnut is made to order. The lady running the line was meticulous and paid attention to every detail. Want to create your own combination go ahead! There is a spot on the board for it!

If you are heading to the Jersey Shore anytime soon I highly recommend making a stop at Broad Street Dough Co. You won't regret it!

What is your favorite doughnut? 



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