Friday Favorites #19

Happy Friday, friends!

How we arrived in February is still bringing me to a loss of words. I am looking forward to Skiing with my dad, sister, and her boyfriend next week! We still don't know which mountain we are heading too, but either way I am more then ready to hit the slopes!

Before I share some of my favorites from around the web I want to make one point. I am over seeing all the hatred and nastiness on Facebook and Twitter. I actually took the app off my phone. This post is exactly how I feel!

With that said there is still good in the world. As always drop a comment or share on Instagram what you are loving this week.

Photo via Unsplash

From B&B's to luxurious lodges and city hotels check out the 100 Best Hotels in the World!

Another dating app? This one I can get behind since they raised $50,000 for Planned Parenthood!

There are still good people in this world. #Unity

Hallie has been an inspiration and someone that I truly enjoy "following." This post couldn't have been easy but needs to be read. Well done, Hallie.

I had the honor of meeting Kelly Lewis, of Go! Girl Guides at The New York Times Travel Show this past weekend. I wish I could attend Women's Travel Fest but since I am unable too, I have made a donation as well to ACLU.

Weekend Recap

New York Times Travel Show

Local Expeditions


Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? 



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