Friday Favorites #20

Happy Friday, friends!

On Wednesday it was 65 and sunny and yesterday we had our first Snow Day after getting hit with blizzard like conditions. My day consisted of Netflix, reading, blogging, working on side projects and just relaxing all while keeping my wine glass filled!

View from my bed

Aftermath of cleaning off my car
Remember, please feel free to share something that you love or that you made you smile this week in the comments section of this post!

Lily Herman, is the millennial voice we all need to listen to. Ladies, thinking of running for office and need Pro-Bono help, it's out there.

It's no secret I love a great Twitter Chat, like #MillennialTalk. Host Chelsea Krost, has become a spokesperson for the entire Millennial Generation. She continues to inspire me everyday!

The best trips to take in your 30's. Sign me up!

36 Hours in Brooklyn.

If I could give up my phone for a day I would. These tips are great and I plan to use starting ASAP!

What is one thing you are loving most this week?



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