Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Local Expeditions: Community-Driven Adventures

On Sunday at the New York Times Travel Show I came across a really unique booth, Local Expeditions founded by Nancy Blaine. Located right over the river in Brooklyn, Local Expeditions is community driven adventures. You probably are asking yourself, what does that mean? I was so intrigued listening to Nancy and can't wait to try out one of the tours!

Local Expeditions provides intimate (10 ppl max) walking or biking tours for visitors or residents that allows locals to show off their favorite spots.

The other unique aspect of Local Expeditions and the component I am most fond of, is the giving back aspect. The guide will choose his or her own favorite local charity and 5% donation is made from the sales of the expedition. If you scroll to the bottom you will see some of the charities selected.

You can learn more about the tour guides and what tours they are currently hosting. Also be sure to check out the blog as well! I really enjoyed my conversation with Nancy and learning more about how and why Local Expeditions was started.

This will be my first tour! See the calendar for more tours and let me know which one you would find interesting and would want to attend!


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