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It's so bone-chilling, nose-numbing cold here that I am always daydreaming of a warm-weather vacation. Attending the New York Times Travel Show this past weekend only enhanced my desire for a warm-weather vacation.

I can't believe today is February 1st. The first month of 2017 flew by and with so many positive and negatives I am more then ready for February. I have a few goals that I want to accomplish this month and with hard work and dedication I am hopeful that I will achieve them.

Up first, this month I need to choose my next adventure for my 12 trips in 12 months. There are so many local places that I want to visit. Reading Terminal Market is on the top of my list. Philadelphia is a great city as well and I would love to visit for an overnight trip!

Volunteering/Giving Back is something I am extremely passionate about. I was a fundraiser both personally and professionally, volunteered for many local organizations, and used my voice to for positive change. In the last year, I had more personal challenges that just didn't allow for myself to give 100% so I took a small hiatus. Especially now, with what is going on in our country it's more important to give back not just monetary but skills as well. I am not sure where I will start but once I figure it out I will share it with you. I have called and sent letters to my senators but I know there is more for me too do.

Writing has been my outlet and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, along with photography. I want to get better at both. I am thinking about signing up for a travel writing course. Do you have any recommendations?

What are you looking forward to most in February?



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