Friday Favorites #22

Happy Friday, friends!

This past week was a long one; however I am off this weekend. Saturday will be spent with the family celebrating my grandmothers birthday and Sunday I am hoping for an adventure. Will be sure to report back next week! Any fun plans this weekend on your end?

Remember, please feel free to share something that you love or something that made you smile in the comment section!

I've experienced about 15 of these restaurants. Next goal: Try them all. I will say one of my favorites is #20!

Did you know that 64% of Americans don't currently have an international passport? Well, Passion Passport would like to change that. What a cool new project!

If you are or know anyone in the Chicago area looking to adopt a dog check out PAWS. This post was heartwarming.

Now I am dreaming of a quiet weekend on Plum Island?

I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Hotel Management. This is one of the hotels I've dreamed of working at one day, if not just visiting.

Simple advice from Gabrielle Bernstein on how to change the world with a few small actions!

What are you loving this week?



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