Fig & Olive: Meatpacking District

Friday night I found myself in the city having my monthly dinner with friends. Not knowing at the time, we chose Fig & Olive in the Meatpacking District they were participating in Restaurant Week! Our meal from start to finish was one of the most delicious meals I've ever had. There are so many restaurants in the Meatpacking District, many of which I hope to visit. It's an area I don't frequent as much, however that will change moving forward!

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Upon our arrival we were seated right away even though our reservation wasn't for another few minutes. The host even joked with us about joining our table.

Have you ever ordered wine or a cocktail off a tablet? That was a new one for me. Even with my mispronunciation, which isn't hard for me, the server was amused! I started the evening with a Piscine, Sparkling Wine served on ice with fresh strawberries, while the other ladies ordered glasses of wine!

As I mentioned we had no clue about the Restaurant Week offer, yet once we saw the menu we decided within seconds that was the way to go! Now if you go when it isn't restaurant week I would highly recommend checking out the Prix Fixe menu. When choosing from the Crostini Tasting be sure to share with your table to get the most out of all the options!

(L-R) Burrata, Goat Cheese, Shrimp
Now this was only the beginning of a 4 course meal and one that I will never forget in this lifetime and one I hope to go back for again! First, I want to try every Crostini. Next the entree's each mouthwatering in their own right.

In 90% of the dishes I either make or order I find a way to incorporate mushrooms, one of my absolute favorite( Fruits, still weird). When I saw the Truffle Mushroom Croquette I was sold. There are so many ways to eat mushrooms and one of my favorites is Stuffed Mushrooms. Well lets just say, these were fried to perfection, crispy and and overall creamy and amazing!

Truffle Mushroom Croquette
I shared with my friend, and as much as this pains me to admit there was a half of one left when the server removed the dish before placing the entree down. Sticking with the mushroom theme I ordered the Truffle Risotto. With just the right amount of cream and Parmesan the risotto melted in your mouth. Savoring every bite I could have had another portion but I still needed to save room for the decadent dessert that would be headed my way soon enough.

Truffle Risotto
 I was in need of another glass of wine at this point and ordered Cinsault/Grenache Rose. We had done really well pacing ourselves as the conversation flowed about family, friends and what my 30th Birthday plans would be ( Still undecided if I am celebrating).

Give me all the chocolate and I would be a happy camper. I could only wish I lived in a world of Willy Wonka! Chocolate Pot De Creme was the way to go! One may have been enough that night but let me tell you I would go back just for that dessert. Who am I kidding, I would go back for the entire meal again.

Chocolate Pot De Creme
As the drinks were poured and the conversation flowed I found myself not wanting the night to end; however I had to be at work at 9am the next morning and still had an hour bus ride ahead of me! We capped off the night with coffee, said our goodbyes and headed home. There is nothing better then eating fantastic food and laughing with great friends!

Where did you have one of your most memorable or favorite meals?



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