Exploring Lower Manhattan

Did you get outside at all this past weekend? Most areas are having exceptionally warm weather for the middle of February, and I am one not to complain! Minus working all weekend and fighting off this sinus infection I made my way to Lower Manhattan Friday afternoon to meet two of my girlfriends from elementary school! We had been trying to get together for a while and even though I was under the weather I didn't want to cancel. 

Being outdoors, soaking up the warm weather, and seeing sights I rarely see really made for a wonderful solo afternoon before meeting up with the ladies! 

I started out by Battery Park. That view of the World Trade Center is breathless. I've seen it from midtown but never lower NYC. 

I was surprised I didn't see more locals out and about compared to the tourists visiting the area. You have a great view of Lady Liberty as well. 

When I find myself wandering in a new to me area, I like to snap shots and right in my little moleskin what I'm thinking about or how I am feeling at the moment. The one word that stuck with me throughout the walk was peace. With everything going on in the world we are far from peace but in those moments I was at peace. Remember self-care is extremely important. Take time for yourself. 

Ever on Instagram, Facebook or other social media sites and wishing you were at a location someone else was at? I remember reading Naomi's post about the Seaglass Carousel and told myself I needed to see it in person and finally I was able to see it from the outside on Friday. I will have to go back when it is open hopefully in the spring. 

Not every person is built the same. Not every building is built the same. For example this is one of my favorite spots in Lower Manhattan showing the contrast of buildings. 

Charming and quaint in front of the hustle and bustle of large city buildings. The area is mixed with Stone Street and the South Street Seaport, both places I would recommend if you are ever in the city. 

As I continued walking along I made a quick stop into FIKA on Pearl Street. I grabbed a cookie and sat and people watched for a while before meeting up with my friends for dinner and drinks. The exposed brick walls, communal seating, and delicious food was the perfect stopping place. 

As 5pm rolled around I was off to meet my friends finally! We grabbed a drink across from the building they worked at before heading to dinner at Trading Post! This classic American restaurant and bar can be found on the corner of John and South Street. With views of the Brooklyn Bridge, steps from Wall Street and the FDR overhead you are feel transported out of the hustle and bustle of midtown which makes the area very desirable for many. 

We arrived early Friday evening and were able to be seated right away. I saw a table tucked into a nook with views of the Brooklyn Bridge and asked if we might be able to sit there. We were and somehow landed up having the nook which hosted 5 table to ourselves for the entire meal! I am sure had we arrived later the room would have been filled! There wasn't one thing on the menu that I wouldn't have ordered which made my decision that much harder. My friends decided to share two dishes while I ordered an entree. 

Esposito's Sausage {Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Garlic & Parmesan}

Trading Post Black Angus Burger

Mussel Pot {Chorizo, Lemon-Thyme Broth}
It was so great to get together finally as we reminisced, spoke about life currently and what the future may hold. We even delved into my non-existent love life. They also attempted to break me out of my shell at not one but two bars following dinner. Will leave it at this, it's a work in progress. 

As we said goodbye to one myself and friend headed to the Staten Island Ferry as traveling home would take 3 modes of transportation. Call it an adventure I was more then up for it and actually found it enjoyable! 

What did you do this weekend?



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