Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! As I mentioned last week I was looking forward to our Christmas Eve/Hanukkah family dinner. On Friday I left work at 4pm and made 5 different stops on my way home and still managed to walk through the door at 6:10pm! I knew what I needed from every store and was on a mission to not be out all night! I poured myself a glass of wine, made dinner and then for the 1st time I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies all alone. (The house is still standing!!!)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Both my sister and I worked on Saturday while her boyfriend prepared dinner complete with Seafood Pasta, Latkes, and plenty of desserts! 9 family members and friends gathered around the table to laugh, share stories, and spread love! I said it here and I say it every year, love is the best gift to give to others. No one should be alone on the holidays and we are always happy to set an extra plate!

Chrismukkah Dinner 

Shrimp, Scallops, Crab Meat, Mussels, Clams over Pasta

Everyone enjoyed the meal and when it was time for dessert we were too full that I didn't even get any photos of the Chocolate Cream Pie, Italian Pastries, Fruit Basket, Italian Cookies, and Gelt. Spending the night with everyone was wonderful.

We woke up on Christmas morning to brunch. The menu included Bacon, Pancakes, and Eggs. Once brunch was finished my sister, her boyfriend and I shared our stockings! This was the first year I had a stocking as well as buying stocking stuffers. Thank you Target for a great selection of candy and other foodie treats such as Grilling Sauces, Spices and Beer Bread Mix!

Mini Moscato, Candy, Eye Makeup Remover and Shower Gel for the win! 
After that we took a break. My sister had to take care of some stuff and then we opened Christmas & Hanukkah Gifts for each of the three of us. We will celebrate Hanukkah with the entire family this coming Friday. In the afternoon my sister and her boyfriend headed to his family to celebrate Christmas! I stayed in my PJ's watching Christmas Movies and relaxing on the couch!

My sister got my this planner and I am so looking forward to 2017! I also received so many other great gifts, from scarves to wine glass/electric opener and Cards Against Humanity!

To end the night I took this photo as the sun was setting!

Christmas Sunset

How were your holidays? Did you celebrate yet?



  1. Looks like a delicious dinner! Merry Christmas and Happy Hannukah!

    1. Thank you, it was very good! Wishing you a Happy Holiday!


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