Baby, It's Cold Outside

Growing up I had many Non-Jewish friends who would put up real Christmas Trees and decorate them with lights and ornaments. I would visit the Tree at Rockafeller Center. Watch kids line up to sit on Santa's lap at the mall and ask him for presents. Never did I think I would ever have a real tree in my house, however this year that all changed. My sister, her boyfriend and I are roommates and since he is Catholic they decided to decorate and we got a real Christmas Tree for the living room! To say I was excited was an understatement! 

Hot Cocoa 

Adding my ornament to the tree...All the smiles!

Adding presents


Happy Hanukkah

Since we had decorated the house for the Hanukkah and Christmas it was only right to include Stella and Shlomo in on the festivities as well.

Best Friends- Stella the Elf & Shlomo the Mensch

This year I was also given a stocking with my initial on it. In true Tracy fashion the following came out of my mouth before realizing what I was saying "This looks like an over-sized sock" and with that came bursts of laughter from my sister and her boyfriend.

My stocking

My sister decided that in her room she would have a "Santa" tree with all different kinds of Santa ornaments. 

Santa Tree
Our house is festive and our hearts are filled with love. This season I am planning to give back in a few ways and many that I will share with you and some that I will keep to myself and not share all over Social Media. May you have a wonderful holiday season! 

Did you decorate yet? Share your favorite holiday tradition?



  1. This is beautiful :) I love that you're sharing two traditions! We started decorating a bit, just with the tree so far! I love coming home to the smell of the holidays now! xx


    1. Thank you, Kit! Yes it has been great sharing traditions and I love coming home to see the house lit up!


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