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Hi friends!

Hope your kicking off December with a bang! I started with the Flu and finally was well enough last Sunday to venture out with the family for a day of holiday shopping as well as more decorations for the tree! I am looking for a travel menorah, so if you see any, please send me a note ( and thank you!

Whats new, you ask?

1. Retail- Working through the holidays and let me tell you, I love it. Meeting new people, helping them to choose gifts, and seeing the smile on the faces of many is everything during the holiday season! I even met a "Santa" who purchases gifts for families in his area. He is actually a retired postal service worker.....That my friends will make you smile!

2. Yoga- I plan to hit the mat more this month in hopes of working on my balance and strength. I fell in love with some of the instructors at the studio where I was working and I am looking forward to actually taking their classes!

3. Friends- Reconnecting with some friends who I haven't spoken with has been great and I am making more of an attempt to continue to grow the relationships as well as make new adult friends. The hope is that I can join some local meetup groups, or charities and get involved.

4. Giving Back- Speaking of charities and giving back I am looking to join some organizations here in Central New Jersey. I have found a Junior League I may try to join as well as a young professionals nonprofit group. I enjoy fundraising, helping others and especially during the holiday season I believe it is important to give back.

5. With everything I am trying to do, you can also add dating to the list. It's been a while since I have been comfortable and happy with how my life has been playing out. What I didn't realize was that I was making it worse rather then better. Now that I am on the right path I would love to put myself out there. I signed up for one month of online dating. I shared with friends I am open to being setup and we will take it from there. I am absolutely not putting any pressure on myself. One day at a time. A wise friend always told me, "There is a lid to every pot."

Now that I caught you up, what is up with you guys? 



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