Friday Favorites #11

Happy Friday, friends.

I am writing this from bed where I have spent the last two days with the flu. Plenty of rest and fluids and I hope to be back to my old self by Sunday! I've had plenty of time to browse the web, check out so many gift guide posts, and catch up on Netflix. With that said I will be sharing some of my favorites and would love for you to join me and share in the comments what you are loving lately!

Before I got sick I ordered my first and most likely last hot drink of the season, as I drink Ice Coffee all winter long. Did you know this year's red cups from Starbucks were designed from everyday day customers? What a great concept!

My cup was created by a NYC Artist. (
On November 9th many Americans were shocked with the outcome of our election, including myself. People vowed to get involved moving forward, some unsure of how. This piece on The Cut is a great read if you are thinking about getting involved in politics.

Growing up I watched Gilmore Girls religiously every week with my mom. When I heard "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" would be coming out on November 25th I had mixed emotions. First, I would be watching without my mother as she passed away. Second, could it live up to all of the hype? Well let me tell you, those last four words.....

Seriously, the Davis family is adorable. Their family videos and blog are just filled with love, laughter, and inspiration.

Brie Bella posted this short video on her Instagram and talk about giving back. What a great reminder from Karis Heros Challenge.

Finally, I have been finding new travel bloggers to follow that are filled with inspiration. Ask Concierge. Ashley Colburn. Jennifer O'Brien founder of The Travel Women. Suzanne of PhilaTravelGirl.

What are you loving this week?



  1. I didn't know that about the red cups! I was wondering why they looked so much better than usual lol And thanks for including me! I am sorry about your mom :-\ I can relate. My dad passed away and I could literally hear his commentary about the revival in my head at certain points. <3 <3 <3

    1. The red cups were so cool to learn the meaning behind! I am sorry about your dad. I understand exactly it was like she was there with me!

  2. I haven't seen the new Gilmore Girls episodes, I'm waiting till I get back to the states next week for the holidays. I can't wait!

    1. That is some major will power. I would not be able to wait. Safe travels and enjoy it!


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