What a Wonderful Weekend

This past weekend was seriously wonderful! Between holiday parties and spending time with friends and family this weekend is exactly what I needed to recharge my batteries. 

Friday night I was in bed by 8pm and I am not embarrassed to admit that. My body and mind needed the rest. It was also nice to get into bed early and wake up the next morning to a white wonderland. 

New Jersey got the first snow of the season. I decided to take the camera out and do some shooting! 


Winter Wonderland

Once the roads cleared up I headed out for a manicure and eyebrow waxing and to pick up some last minute gifts for the parties. 

After coming home I had some fun with a tripod I borrowed from my dad. I also looked through the beginning of 2017 and did some reflection on 2016.

2016 Reflection & 2017 Planning

My best friend, Kristen's family throws a huge holiday bash every year the week before Christmas. Guests are asked to bring presents for the local Children's Hospital or local charity. This year I picked up Connect 4 at Target! 

Best Friends

Kelli, her younger sister every year starts us off with some amazing songs that usually brings guests to tears and full of goosebumps. 

Sunday, I was up late and had breakfast with my sister and her boyfriend. After Bacon, Eggs, and Pancakes we decided to make Chocolate Chip Cookies for our Family/Friends Holiday Bash in Watchung, NJ. We were all very excited as the next generation first baby would be joining the festivities! 

Meeting Baby Max
Every year "Ziti & Ham" as we call it, four families get together to celebrate the holidays. My mom and her three best friends started this tradition over 30 years ago. Some are no longer with us; however they are there in spirit. The oldest, Brian and his wife had a baby last month and it was such a pleasure meeting him. 

The other tradition that has changed over the years is we went from a Ping Pong tournament to a Beer Pong Tournament. There are a few college kids/grads and then the adults. It is always quite interesting and the Matt, the son of the hosts almost always wins! 

Everyone had a great time and I have to say back to back parties definitely tired me out. This week in retail will be crazy busy as there a only 6 days of shopping left before Hanukkah and Christmas!

What did you do this weekend?



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