Friday Favorites #12

Happy Friday, friends!

Well this week just flew by as I am sure the entire month of December will. Holiday parties, family gatherings, and spending time with friends plus working will consume the month. All good things and no complaints here.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? Most of mine is done; however I have a few gifts I still need to purchase.

Let's jump into some of my favorite things from around the web this week, and as always jump in and leave a comment what you are loving!

When it comes to travel my aunt is hands down the globetrotter of our family and now my dad and his fiance are not far behind. Next year I turn 30 and I wanted to travel to Australia; however after much negotiating and talking my aunt decided on a trip to Spain! Check out this 11 day trip through Gate 1 Travel. I am so excited!!

We have been going through one or two bottles of wine every few nights in my house, and these gift ideas from The Everygirl are perfect! I have a few people in mind these gifts will be given too!

Stephanie Craig travels the world full-time with a goal to visit all 325 countries on the Travelers' Century Club list. Can we talk about what an amazing goal this is and how she is living a dream I one day want to go after! Seeing the world through so many travel bloggers keeps inspiring me.

If you haven't been I would add Christmas in New York to your bucket-list or whatever life list you are keeping. The city is pure magic. It is so special.

I love listening to podcast especially now that I commute around 45 min to and from work each day. I have been following Jenna for a while and she recently started this inspiring Goal Digger podcast!

What are you loving lately?



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