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Atlantic City vs Las Vegas

At one point, I thought about permanent residency in Las Vegas back in 2013 because I had been there 7 times in 13 months. From multiple bachelorette parties to work trade shows, I am lucky I  survived and made it out only a few dollars short of what I went with. When you live in New Jersey, visiting Atlantic City is as easy as hoping on the Garden State Parkway and being at the boardwalk in under an hour and 20 minutes. I've been so many times, that I have actually lost track of the number of visits.  Casinos on the boardwalk vs Casinos on the strip and what the actual difference is. I will say this, even if you are not a big gambler there is still plenty to do in both locations. With that said, here are my big takeaways from each location. Atlantic City is located in New Jersey and is known for their iconic boardwalk, wide open beaches and casinos. A popular summer destination for families, couples, and bachelor/bachelorette parties makes for a great visit. You can visit The Stee…

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