Friday, July 29, 2016


Yes, that is the title of this post because I am so damn tired of hearing and using the word "Sorry."

This morning I was about to respond via text to a co-worker and the first word was Sorry and in that moment I caught myself. Why was I apologizing? I hadn't done anything wrong. I didn't have the answer but that wasn't wrong. I took my thought to Twitter and this response was exactly what I needed to see:

Exactly we have no obligation to anyone but ourselves in that moment. More and more lately I have been catching myself in the language I use when talking, texting or email with friends, family, co-workers, etc...

I had a co-worker a few years back who told me for every sorry I said she was going to start a monetary collection. For every sorry I would have to donate a quarter. Guess what I "donated" to myself in just two days, 32 quarters which was 8 dollars. In reality I probably should have only mentioned the word once or twice. 

We( Women) are more likely and conditioned to say "I'm Sorry" or "Sorry" even when we have nothing to apologize for. It moves the conversation along when it is actually hurting those who are involved in the conversation. 

We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. Our mind will suffer. 

I am making a conscious effort to recognize my language moving forward. I plan to journal/tweet when and why I say "sorry" in an effort to further understand myself. #NoMoreSorrys is going to be my new hashtag. Find me on Twitter

How often do you think you say the word? 

Have a great weekend!


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Let's Talk.....Weekend Eats

I am ending my Sunday night with a glass of Moscato and some S'mores. How was your weekend? 

This weekend was filled with great food, family time, beer pong, and finally a day at the beach. 

Friday night my Aunt, Sister, and I headed down to Belmar for dinner at 10th Ave Burrito Company! The original plan was to eat on the outdoor patio; however it was extremely hot even at 7:15pm when we arrived so we landed up eating indoors. This was my first time and my sister promised all the meals she had were delicious. I knew going in that I would choose taco's but wasn't sure exactly what I was in the mood for. We started off with the obvious, beer and chips and guacamole. The chips are look like large pita chips and are seriously delicious. 

Chips and Guac! 
My sister ordered a Grilled Chicken Burrito while my aunt went with a Blackened Shrimp Burrito. Then it was my turn, and even in the last seconds I was still between two entrees. In the heat of the moment I went with the Grilled Shrimp Tacos and it was the best decision. 3 tacos filled with guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, and three shrimp covered in sour cream, what could be wrong. I landed up taking two home since I knew there would be Ice Cream in my near future. 

Grilled Shrimp Tacos

After dinner I asked my sister if she would drive down main street because I wanted to find a restaurant that had a unique tree outside. The only problem was I didn't have a name of the restaurant or what beach community it was located in. So for the next 40 minutes we drove around aimlessly until we found Giamanos Restaurant in Bradley Beach. As for the tree outside:

Wine Bottle Tree

With our mini adventure out of the way it was time to head to Hoffman's in Point Pleasant Beach. Another new place I would be trying. Have you ever had to take a number like at the deli counter for Ice Cream? I wish I would have taken a photo. Next time, because you bet there will be a next time. So many flavors to choose from. 

Chocolate Chocolate Chip  + S'mores = Heaven 
And with that we called it a night and headed home. Saturday I worked at the yoga studio in the morning then headed to a friends house for some Beer Pong with a side of swimming! 

And today was spent roasting on the beach. I absolutely love living so close to the Jersey Shore and spending weekends there with my Aunt is always fun. Today was more crowded then in the past but with the heat reaching nearly 97 degrees I wasn't surprised. 

Avon Beach, NJ
How was your weekend?


Friday, July 15, 2016

Five on Friday #1


Spread LOVE. Spread LOVE. Spread LOVE.

In all the darkness this week I found some inspiration and I wanted to share with you some of my findings this week.

The Kindness Rocks Project - "Inspire others through randomly placed rocks along the way...Recruit every person who stumbles upon it to join in the pursuit of inspiring others through random acts of kindness" I wrote about how you can participate in Random Acts of Kindness. Share your story on their page. Most of all share. With your friends, with your family, with your children, with STRANGERS. Share with everyone! Check them out on Facebook here.


Kleenex should have been a sponsor for the ESPYS Awards this year as I am sure I was not the only one moved to tears a number of times throughout the evening. Zaevion Dobson. Craig Sager. Eric Berry. "Zaevion Dobson Was A Hero, Now His Mother Is, Too" Zenobia Dobson accepted the Arthur Ashe Courage Award on behalf of her son, Zaevion. A 15 year old boy who ran into gunfire to shield and ultimately save the lives of two friends. A true act of heroism.

Cancer Sucks. We know that. Craig Sager received the JimmyV Perseverance Award at the ESPYS on Wednesday night.  "To everybody out there, we are making progress--incredible progress" "We are going to find a cure for cancer. But WE NEED YOUR HELP." Sager said. VP Joe Biden and Craig Sager on stage, giving hope!

Proud of my Alma Mater; Johnson & Wales for becoming the first institution of higher learning in Rhode Island to ban tobacco from their campus.

I played tennis for 13 years. I've attended the U.S. Open 8 different times. One of my life goal's is to attend all 4 Majors. Serena Williams tied Steffi Graf for 22 Major Open Titles last week at Wimbledon. "Still, I Rise" by Maya Angelou was recited by Serena after her win!

What inspired you this week? I want to know.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hello, It's Me, Me Who?

Me Who?

That is a wonderful question. One that I have asked myself for the past 10 years or so. This post isn't going to be rainbows and butterflies. This post is going to be exposing. This post may even turn out scary. I am going to be OK with that. I am starting a journey. I am starting to seek out answers. I am starting to really figure out who is "Me."

Known procrastinator here. In grade school I would wait to the list minute to work on a Diorama, remember those projects. I would put off studying for a test and cram right before or not even study at all. I managed to survive grade school and middle school. High School was another story, ( maybe a separate post). Let me be completely honest I was never a strong student. I didn't have the best attention span. 

My childhood to an outsider would have looked as close to perfect as it could. Loving parents, a younger sister, a roof over my head, food on the table and really not having any care in the world. I am extremely blessed and sure some days I hate to admit it, I take it for granted. Even today as I am sitting writing this post and thinking back to those years.

They were carefree. They were fun. No stress. No anxiety. No depression.

Today, that is another story and the one I hope to transform as I take this journey. I don't know when or why it started but I am filled with anxiety, loneliness, and depression. I have also had my fair share of panic attacks. Do my friends and family know, well if they didn't they do now. I believe I did a pretty good job of hiding it; however that is not the right move. If you are reading this have any of the above and feel alone, YOU ARE NOT. Talk to someone. It can be anyone. But talk because if I learned anything this far and I'm only days into being open, it is that people generally want to help you as best they can. You may along the way find someone who doesn't, but overall you would be surprised.

With all that said I am going to end this post on a positive note. My colleague at the Yoga Studio I work at lent me this book and I seriously can't put it down. I wrote this post-it note and it is now on my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder. A reminder that is this my journey.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jersey Shore Sunday Funday

Sunday we celebrated a good friends birthday down the shore. The plan was the meet up with everyone at Asbury Ale House. Having been there before I knew that it would be a great time with new and old friends. I started and ended the night with Purple Haze which is similar to Blue Moon; however has a Raspberry undertone.( Purple Haze- A crisp American-style wheat beer sweetened with raspberries for a delicious fruity profile.

They have 50 + Draft Beers that rotate monthly. To be part of the Draft Club you try all 52 beers on tap and receive a hoodie + your photo on the wall.  We learned from the Birthday girl about the VIP Membership and if you are a local Beer lover on the Jersey Shore I suggest you add your name to the waiting list ASAP. Here is more information: "With a $35 membership you will receive your own personal 23 oz beer mug that will be stored in the locker of your choice. With that mug you will get 23 oz of beer for the price of 16oz! But wait it gets better, on your birthday we will pay for your draft beers all day and night! you better hurry, the lockers are filling up!" 

Totally Normal

Always laughing

Try Again

Picture Perfect- We love Black Tops! 
It was a wonderful afternoon spent with friends. We reminisced about Elementary School and growing up and talked about what the future holds for us. We don't get to see each other often but when we are reunited it's like nothing changed. The conversations pick up from where they left off.

After a few hours celebrating in Asbury it was off the Belmar to catch up with another friend at 9th Ave Pier.  Having never been their before I was excited to see what all the hype was about and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint one bit. With a spectacular view and great live band we enjoyed the sunset with some more beers and delicious Coconut Shrimp and Bavarian Pretzel Sticks. The Jalapeno Jelly that comes with the shrimp was out of this world. Not too spicy, just the right amount! You can drive, walk, bike, or even take your boat. They have their own boat slips for customers. Check out these views from our table.

Such a fun weekend with great friends. These past few months have been stressful, filled with anxiety, and a lot of "hiding" but I am so grateful for these wonderful friends in my life.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Simple, yet not..

Simple life hopes & dreams. 

I am sure I am not the only one looking for answers from the events over the last week. Who do you ask? Does any one person have the answers? 

I believe it starts with us. Each of us using our voice. Speaking up. 

Early on I was taught the following "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover." So "Don't Judge a Person by their Color." It should be as simple as that. 

Just some of my thoughts on this cloudy Sunday. 


Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

When I was little my parents told me I would love fireworks and would be the only child who didn't cry at the loudness they would bring.

To this day I still love fireworks.

Tonight I watched them from the comfort of my couch in my PJ's and I couldn't thing of a better way to end the amazing weekend!

I am lucky to love an hour outside of NYC. With that said last year I saw the fireworks from a rooftop bar in the city. Macy's Fireworks puts on an amazing show!

My best friend moved closer to home last week and we spent the weekend BBQ'ing and lounging by the pool. I am so excited to have her 10 minutes from me!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Happy 4th of July!