I started Tracy Say's at the beginning of the 2016 as a creative outlet to share inspiration from my everyday life. This space covers everything from Restaurant Reviews to sharing Fundraising Campaigns. Throw in some lifestyle, health related, and travel posts and you have yourself some great reading. 

Born and raised in New Jersey I have lived in Rhode Island, NYC, Florida and am now currently back home in New Jersey. Currently looking for my next role while working as a receptionist at a local yoga studio. Degree in Hospitality Management and Event Planner by trade. When I am not volunteering or fundraising I can be found on the relaxing on the beach, playing tennis or creating jewelry. 

I hope you enjoy reading along. Feel free to email me at tracy_schwartz@ymail.com if you have any questions, have a partnership proposal or just want to say hi!

You can also find me on Social:
IG: tracysayswhat
Twitter: @tracysayswhat and @_travelist_
Snapchat: tracysayswhat 


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