Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites #34

Happy Friday, friends!

After a quick trip to Maine, this past weekend I was home by the middle of the afternoon on Monday. Long solo road trips are the best for pondering next trips, new ideas, and so much more. I came home feeling motivated, inspired and truly feeling wonderful.

I am working Memorial Day Weekend, which is a huge weekend at the Jersey Shore. I am looking forward to beach days in the near future! Do you have any fun plans for MDW?

Ogunquit Beach, Maine
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I find myself daydreaming of falling in love with the next place I visit. Both Antigua and Guatemala are on my list.

Call me a grandma. Call me a homebody. You can't however call me the only one who strongly dislikes going out at night! For a celebration I am all for going out, but anything past 9:30 and I turn cranky. I love socializing and my friends, but nights are my time!

I am looking forward to spending some time volunteering at my local NJ Food Bank. It's not always about the monetary donation. You can donate time or even skills and still be making a huge difference.

Truth, I LOVE PASTA. I don't hide this. I order it 95% of the time in Italian Restaurants. These 3 recipes for on the go are now going to be incorporated into my menu planning for dinner!

History is important. What we do for the next generations are important. This is so moving hearing from JFK's grandchildren.

Do you volunteer at a local organization?


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Ice S(cream) in Ogunquit

I found heaven in Rococo Handcrafted Ice Cream in Ogunquit, Maine this past weekend. You don't believe me, well then you should take a trip there for yourself. 

A woman owned and operated business is one that I will always support. Lauren Guptill made it especially easy this past Saturday when I walked into her shop. A large group was in front and immediately she came right up to me and told me she would help me then join the rest of group. I was in no rush, however she insisted and let me try an array of samples before I chose my two scoops. 

Speaking of samples, here are some of the funkiest, yet most delicious flavors I have ever heard of: Goat Cheese Blackberry Chambord, Olive Oil Rosemary Caramel & Pepitas and Earl Grey + Sour Cherry Pistachios. Those are just a few of the out of this world flavors. One of the favorites I heard was the Sweet Avocado Cayenne which wasn't made yet. Each day they have a selection of 14 on rotation. 

Each flavor is handmade on site. The quaint setting was perfect for the cute little town it is housed in. If you find yourself in any of these four towns in Maine, be sure to check them out! 

I ordered the Chocolate Coconut Cream & Speculoos + Chocolate Pretzel. Actual coconut strips to pretzels was the perfect treat after my 6 hour drive! 

I look forward to another visit in the future. If you find yourself the in area, I highly recommend making a pit stop. Talking with Lauren was a highlight of the stop as well. 

What is the strangest ice cream flavor you ever tried?


Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites #33

Happy Friday, friends!

Mother's Day will never get easier. In order to make the best of the day I know what I need to do, and that is different from others. The rest of the week flew by. This weekend I am heading to Ogunquit, ME for a college friends wedding! I have never been so I am looking forward to exploring as much as I can since it will be a quick two day trip. I may catch up with  friend from home who is living in Portland! If you have any recommendations I am all ears. Thank you in advance!

As always be sure to share in the comments what you are loving this week or what is making you smile? Also you can leave a comment on Instagram!

I have been following Jess on Instagram and love her feed. She recently posted her 11 favorite NYC bloggers! I have followed about three, and the rest are new to me!

RIP Chris Cornell. As one of my favorite songs, I love this video.

Amy is a very close family friend, and has always been someone that I truly looked up to. She currently lives in Jerusalem with her husband and two little boys and launched a great blog! Modest Jerusalem is full of inspiration!

When one door closes another will open. On my recent trip to Spain I was amazed by the gorgeous doors we came across. Check out these beautiful doors!

We all have the power to make a difference. You can bring Joe & Marilyn Home while supporting Homeless Youth. A small donation or a share to your network, you never know the impact you can have.

What are you loving this week?


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Girls Night Out in Little Italy, NYC

It has been a hot minute since I have spent the day wondering through the streets of my favorite city, New York! Living 45 minutes outside in a suburb in New Jersey makes these trips few and far between as I work near the Jersey Shore. 

Having dinner plans with some great friends was the perfect way to end my vacation. There are so many wonderful areas and restaurants in the city making the choice extremely hard. We narrowed down the areas to Lower East Side or Little Italy. Immediately I said, Little Italy as I wanted seafood and wine.
Bryant Park
Since I was meeting my friend on the East Side near her apartment, I decided to walk from Port Authority. Wandering through Bryant Park, passing through Grand Central Station and hitting happy hour at The Horny Ram. Once we were done we headed to meet her mom in Penn and then down to Little Italy!

Gelso & Grand
When you head to Little Italy with friends the first thing you should do is walk into a random bar and order a drink or glass of wine. Gelaso & Grand was just there on the corner and the exterior drew me in. I had to see what was behind the door. Two of us ordered white wine while the other ordered the Mulberry Spritz. We sat at the bar on the window and was able to catch up while people watching!

Interior of Gelaso & Grand
While we didn't visit Mulberry Street Bar, it's another one that I would highly recommend. The classic cosmo gives you all the feels of sitting a a bar in NYC. 

As for dinner, it was my first time visiting Angelo's of Mulberry St. If you are looking for an authentic Southern Italian meal then you have visited the right spot. Everything from server's in white jackets to an accordion player make the meal hands down a wonderful experience. Fresh seafood, homemade pasta, and famous sauce bring thousands of visitors each year. You should consider making a reservation if you are visiting in the evening or weekend! 

Seafood Pasta

Ferrara Bakery 
No trip to Little Italy would be complete without a visit to Ferrara Bakery. The crazy long lines are totally worth the wait for Lobster Tails, Gelato or Sfogliatella. If you are in a hurry, take them to-go. I would go straight from the bar to the bakery if I had my way. Maybe next time I will do that and skip dinner all together. 

Every night out with friends is always great! 

What is your favorite type of food?


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Food for Thought: Barcelona

I can't believe I've been home for a week now from Spain. I am thankful for such a wonderful trip, time spent with my aunt and making some amazing memories. I had no expectations and I am glad because nothing would have met them.

Barcelona, you stole my heart and filled my stomach. With only 38 hours in a city that was magical, beautiful and filled with so much to see, we had to stick to a schedule which helped to see as much as we could. My aunt had been there before, and with that had a plan. 13 miles of walking from La Rambla to the Marina, through the Boqueria, passed through BarriGotic, over to La Pedrera and finishing at Sagrada Familia. The day started at 8:30am and we crashed hard by 10:45pm. 

The two buildings above, designed by Antoni Gaudi are so distinct and reflect his individual style which many of us can learn from. Be yourself. Don't limit yourself. Create stuff. Work on something you love.

La Rambla, filled with tourists and locals alike reminded me of Time Square, a place that I dread walking through, as a New Yorker. Remind yourself, it's just an area and you can make it through. Also you never know what you will see or what will inspire you. I noticed how well dressed everyone in Spain was. It inspired me to come home and just put more thought into my everyday outfits as well be myself in my style! 

Food is a common factor among everyone in the world. Overwhelmed by the options I told myself just stop at the next booth I see. It was perfect. No recommendation. I will say I recommend eating one of everything over a few days vs. trying as much as you can in one afternoon.

Christopher Columbus, thank you for being an explorer and navigator. Pay attention in History class or read more about his biography.

Would you want to sail around the world? Or own a yacht or sailboat? I love the water and being near the water; however I am not sure I could live on a boat that long. It didn't stop me from daydreaming about my future and especially what my travels will be. 

 Around every corner there are different balconies, different front doors, and something new to see! Open your eyes. Be aware of your surroundings as you never know what you will see or what you will learn?

From the rooftop to every room something really stuck out to me. Casa Mila, you are beautiful. The colors, the designs, the architecture it all has something to offer. I even wan to recreate a necklace based around the rooftop. 

Sagrada Familia, you are not what I expected. I know I will be back once you are finished in the next 10 years. Until then I have a full post on deck for it. 

Is there a place that inspires you?