Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Websites that I use to Explore Locally!

Are you a self-described foodie? Do you attend every music, food, or street festival that comes to your area? Or maybe you travel for different fairs, events, or other cool happenings that are taking place locally.

New Jersey has so much to offer. You can dip your feet in the Atlantic Ocean from any of the many Jersey Shore towns, to sipping wine from any of the vineyards throughout the state. Looking for a more urban scenery or how about some street art, then you have Jersey City and Hoboken to thank for that!

Growing up in New Jersey I couldn't wait to go on a vacation and visit another state, yet now I love exploring my backyard and I am thankful for these amazing websites that share all the happenings going on in New Jersey!

Jersey Bites, founded in 2007 serves as your one-stop-shop for restaurant reviews, grand openings, food events, and much more. Ever since finding them on Twitter I have been a weekly visitor to the site, especially the "Foodie Things To Do" a current listing if all Food & Wine events, festivals and competitions.

Looking for a night out in Hoboken or a cool volunteer opportunity? Want to check out the newest restaurant in town, head over to Hoboken Girl Blog for all your in-the-know information! Anything and everything that is happening in Hudson County is covered and you are guaranteed to find something for everyone to enjoy! This site was another Twitter find and Jen is doing a wonderful job running this awesome site! You can find pet adoptions, real estate, and other great resources for the area so be sure to share with your friends if they know anyone moving to the Hoboken/Jersey City area.


One blog, two blogs, or even ten blogs about the same area will always be different as the voice behind the website is different. Next up, Growing In Jersey City is sharing the stories of locals, the best places to eat, and what's happening throughout Hudson County. Read about Jenna, the editor and founder of GIJC here. She is also all over Instagram bringing to life the area through insta-stories! Taking a fitness class or trying a new restaurant, the team will bring all the information straight to you!


Maybe you're a mom out there and looking for something to do with the kids or need some kid friendly ideas of where to travel locally and what to do. Sarah, from Finnegan and The Hughes was one of the first blogs I read religiously. She is a native to New Jersey and lives in Southern NJ with he husband, two kids, and adorable dog! Check her out on Facebook and Instagram.

Now it is your turn? Do you have local websites for your state that you go to when you are ready for your next adventure? Share them in the comments! 


Saturday, September 16, 2017

Travel Quote Roundup

With a desire to open my mind and soul, spark a feeling of wonder, and live my best life I often browse the Internet for some amazing travel quotes. Many can be found on this pinterest board! Whether your are ready to book the ticket, explore your local backyard, or hit the open road I am positive a great travel quote will inspire you to start somewhere!

Here are just a few of my favorite ones. I also tend to jot down many in my thousands of journals both travel and personal!

I love to share stories from my travels both near and far. We can be sitting around the table for a meal, walking along the boardwalk or taking a break at work and I am always sharing with anyone who will listen!

My aunt is currently on her second passport, and is one of my biggest travel inspirations. Everywhere she takes a big trip and let me tell you, the stories she shares post trip are awe-inspiring and making you feel like you were experiencing the trip with her! I look forward to filling my passport over and over again!

I follow travel bloggers. I read there adventures and add destinations to an on-growing list. I have a separate twitter just for travel. Friends, family, colleagues and strangers mention a destination and on the list it goes. The world is your oyster so you can choose where you next destination will be!

Probably one of my top 5 traits. We all probably have a little of this in us. We should never bury it in fear of not being able to.

For the many road trips I have taken I always make sure to take a scenic route at some point or another because you never know what you will find. A hole in the wall restaurant, a cute B&B, a beautiful park or just a hidden gem. They are all out there waiting for you to discover them. Turn off the GPS once in a while and just take the scenic route, you may just surprise yourself!

I am going to leave you with my favorite quote of all time! It doesn't have to be around the world, as it can be in your own backyard. It doesn't have to cost a fortune, do it on a budget. Maybe you want to document it maybe you don't. This is your life to live so "once a year, go someplace you've never been before!"

Now it's your turn. Share your favorite travel quote with me! 


Thursday, September 14, 2017

A shucking good time!

Last weekend I attended the Asbury Park Oysterfest! Fresh local seafood is my jam. Oyster, clams, mussels, you name it I will eat it! When you attend a food festival do you go in with a plan or do you wing it?

I go in with a plan, every time. After I enter, I always do a walk through before making a purchase as I find it can be very overwhelming depending on the size of the festival. Multiple booths selling the same food or drinks, so how can you decided one over the other? I usually tend to see how many people are at the booths before jumping on line.

First stop was to the Local 130 Seafood tent for oysters right here in Cape May, NJ. I first found them at the Red Bank Farmers Market a few weeks ago and have been super impressed with their fresh seafood, reasonable prices, and friendly employees!

Hello, I have never seen a cake like this before, which made for an interesting conversation with the lady behind the food truck. Check out The Chimney Cake Factory if you are interested in learning more.

Did someone say, stuffed clams? Or fried calamari? I spent much of my time here speaking with local around the booth all who raved about the stuffed clams. It was delicious, melt you in your mouth seafood that was beyond anything I have had at a local seafood festival.

And what better way to end the tour, then with local beer from New Jersey! Why hello, Asbury Park Blonde, I think you are officially my new favorite! Light and lager styled beer will always be my drink of choice and was perfect to end my time at the festival! Check out the Asbury Park Brewery!

Now it's your turn. What is your favorite food festival? How do you tour the grounds? 


Friday, September 8, 2017

What I Always Travel With

Frequent flier miles used.

The odometer reading higher then usual numbers due to a random road-trip.

A small porthole window to look out when cruising in the middle of the ocean.

In everyone of the scenarios mentioned above I always travel with these four important things, that I can't imagine not having with me.

First up, disinfectant wipes are a life-saver. I clean the window area and the armrest on every plane I ride on. Eating on the go is sometimes messy and they always come in handy, especially when you least expect it!

Next up, my camera comes with me everywhere. Inspiration strikes in the most random of places. Photos are memories that you will cherish for the rest of you life.

Which brings me to my third item also pictured above. My travel journal is always in my carry on bag. Filled with stories from the actual travel such as crazy plane stories, like the one time a women got up literally as we landed to use the lavatory. If you were wondering she was escorted off the plane by a plain clothes federal agent. It holds cool spots I hope to visit again, information of my travels, and what excites me on each trip. I am on my 3rd travel journal!

And finally, I always carry my S'well bottle! This way you don't have to buy water in the airport or train station. I can refill after walking through security in the airport. Since it holds both hot and cold I have been able to also purchase coffee and have it poured in that. It may get heavy at times, but for budget friendly travel it works perfectly!

Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, yet has some links of my favorite things. With that said there are a few affiliate links as it takes time and money to maintain a blog. Thank you in advance for your support!

What is something that you always travel with?


Friday Favorites #46

Happy Friday, friends!

With Labor Day being last weekend and it being my last weekend in retail it was crazy, to say the least. I am happy to have a few days off this week before one more week of work. The stress of sending out applications is getting to me, yet I am remaining positive that everything happens for a reason and whatever comes next will be great!

I am taking these few days to get some ducks lined up and work on this little corner of the internet! I have big goals for this blog and my side hustle and only hope you will enjoy what you see next!

Whatever you are up to this weekend, enjoy it. Please say a little prayer for friends and family in South Florida and the islands as they are getting slammed by #HurricaneIrma. Stay safe all.

Riding into the weekend!
As Reese Witherspoon said, "Ambition isn't a dirty word." Check out her interview with Glamour here!

Funny enough, I don't like red wine, yet this crossbody is my new favorite and the color, is wine red.

As we grow older, sometimes our friendships change. Hallie & Jess are two inspirational, funny, creative bloggers and here they share how their friendship changed. I believe every college and young adult should read this.

Jet Lag, my most dreaded side affect when traveling internationally. Interesting scientific hacks to possibly beat it!

Yes, it's rare, but hell I am so proud to see FOUR AMERICAN WOMEN in the Seminfinals of the US OPEN!!!! As a tennis player for many years, and a spectator to the Open this excites me so much! I would love to see a Keys/Stephens final! No matter the outcome all four should be proud of themselves!

As always be sure to share in the comments what you are loving for what is making you smile this week! 

Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored, yet has some links of my favorite things. With that said there are a few affiliate links as it takes time and money to maintain a blog. Thank you for your support!