Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Favorites #26

Happy Friday, friends!

This week was filled with work, exploring, and some inspiring Twitter Chats. This weekend is split between more work, writing and spending time with friends!

Let's jump into what I am loving and what is making me smile this week. Share in the comments or leave a comment on Instagram!

Floating Food Forest coming to New York City. I wish I still lived on the Upper East Side.

Louisville has always been on my list of places to visit, and thanks to Alexa from Eating NYC now I really need to visit.

I've heard great things about Acupuncture. This article may be the post I need to give it a try. Have you had it done before?

Visiting Israel was an unforgettable trip. I loved every second of it and I wish everyone could have the same opportunity. Making it accessible for everyone is Orel Lapid.

I hated the monkey bars as a kid. Now they are my favorite type of exercise. Don't laugh until you try it.

What are your weekend plans? What are you loving this week?


Thursday, March 23, 2017

NJ Travel Town; Montclair

Whether you are looking for a funky downtown or a scenic views of the New York Skyline, then Montclair is the place to visit. This urban suburb is home to an electric music scene, a foodies heaven and an outdoor lovers paradise.

I spent the day, which isn't nearly enough, exploring the downtown area. I am already looking forward to my next day trip up there.

I loved the color found in the windows above. Again, this colorful town was drawing me in within seconds of parking my car.

I love a great consignment shop. I enjoy thrift shopping. I could scour the racks for hours and not ever get bored or even have the urge to make a purchase. One Savvy Design, located on Church Street was my first stop of the day. From the jewelry case to the back sale room I enjoyed rummaging through the racks! The shop is on the first floor of this cute peach building. Check them out on Instagram or Facebook.

As I continued walking through the town I came to realize that this is the perfect place to shop small business. Supporting local stores is something that I especially love. Hearing the story behind their shops is something I always find interesting.

The architecture is different. Each building has its own unique design that makes it stand out from another. The two photos above are building that are across the street from one another. There is so much charm in this small town. The people welcome you with open arms and I enjoyed chatting with store associates and owners.

I walked by, Villalobos and immediately fell in love with the exterior of the restaurant. Next time I am planning to stop in their for a bite. You can see more on their Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Can we talk about how colorful these buildings are?

The map above gives you the best idea of how you want to explore the downtown area. Side street after side street you are bound to find some hidden gems. I was so happy to find, DollyMoo, located on Glenridge Ave. These handmade skincare products are made in the kitchen in the back of the store and are tested on friends and family. The associate took time to explain how some of the products are created, what each product does, and even let me test a few products! I can't highly recommend them enough. The coconut citrus body scrub or muscle butter had to be two of my favorites. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

At this point I had worked up an appetite and found myself at Samba, a Brazilian restaurant. They offer a lunch special with 1/2 panini and 1/2 salad.

Goat Cheese w/ Fig Spread & Prosciutto on Ciabatta Bread & Gourmet Salad 
Is this not the cutest way to have lunch served. As I scored a table near the corner I was able to have  view of the bustling town while enjoying this delicious meal. The salad was the perfect size and everything was so fresh, The presentation along with the service was spot on. There is a sign stating 'No Wifi" please have conversations with each other which I thought was clever! I would highly recommend checking them out for Lunch or Dinner.

It was a great day to explore the area. I also hit up Van Vleck House & Gardens and Eagle Rock Reservation which I will talk about in another post.

What is your favorite cuisine?


Saturday, March 18, 2017

It's a very "Delicious" Orchards

This rainy Saturday I found myself driving straight to Delicious Orchards for a morning of wandering through the Country Food Market. 

When you first walk in you are greeted with the most beautiful plants and flowers. The pop of color was exactly what I needed on this cold and dreary day. My mom had a green thumb, something I unfortunately never inherited from her. Maybe one day I will purchase a plant and see if I can keep it alive. 

The overwhelming smell of the bakery draws you in. The wide array of baked goods are all made on-site in their scratch bakery. Workers are constantly replenishing the bread baskets, filling the glass counters with delicious pastries, and eager to share their favorite pies. No matter your taste buds everything that is fresh will taste delicious, I promise. You can ever order online if you aren't in the Colts Neck area. 

These famous Apple Cider Donuts are mouthwatering and you can choose from plain or powdered one. They come in a 6-pack therefore I recommend purchasing at least 2 packages for 2 or more people. 

As you continue through the market you will find some of the finest meats, freshest seafood, unique deli items, coffee and tea bar, chocolate area as well as the amazing cider!

Three different people were talking about these Bacon Cheddar Twice Baked Potatoes. As I overheard the conversations I was drawn to the case to see some other bites. 

Once I moved on I found the "gem" of all gems, the cider wall as I called it. Home to the only cider I will drink, I was happy to see the full case. I am not an apple cider girl, yet the below Apple Cider carton can be demolished in about 2 days. I never tried the Cranberry-Apple. 

Chocolate, Coffee & Tea in the same room? You can leave me there for hours and let me sample each and everyone. The wood paneling is throughout the market making it feel very warm and welcoming. Overall you could spend hours just walking around, tasting samples, and striking up conversations with every friendly staff person. 

After you check out, be sure to stop for a Juice or Smoothie before heading to the Cider Cafe. Check out the menu here. In the Spring/Summer/Fall you can sit outside at one of the many picnic benches or tables. Inside there tables as well for the colder months, and like today when the ground was covered in snow. 

It's no surprise that I love this cute, warm, and welcoming market. You can even buy these cute little bags. Supporting the community is very important and I love that they have a fundraising program. What an amazing history behind a very-well known establishment, that can see up to 2.5 million visitors in a year. 

Where is your favorite local market? Do you have a green thumb?


Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Favorites #25

Happy Friday, friends!

This week I had a snow day thanks to #StellaBlizzard.

Any fun plans for the weekend? I am off Saturday and hoping to get out and do some exploring in New Jersey and Sunday I am working and not sure what my afternoon holds.

Would you travel with some of your best friends?

Never thought I would see "lazy" and "high intelligence" in the same sentence. Here is what your habits say about you.

What Hotels Think Millennial Travelers Want? I am not sure I agree with all of them.

Now it makes sense, rather then going out all the time I Hygge. Shared with all my friends who insist on dragging me out every weekend!

Summer and Margarita's are two of my favorite things!

What are you loving or what is making you smile this week?


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Broad Street Dough Co.

This time last week I was enjoying a delicious doughnut and ice coffee on the Asbury Park Boardwalk as the weather was in the mid 60's. Today we are getting some more flurries after yesterday's non-blizzard.

Let's talk about the doughnuts. Broad Street Dough Co is located in Oakhurst, NJ a few miles from Asbury Park and other surrounding beach towns. Having read about them on Buzz Feed and Refinery 29, two of my favorite publications, I knew I had to check out the joint for myself. Come on, I live 35 minutes away.

Located in the back corner of a strip mall,this small store front doesn't even have tables. You walk in to an open and airy concept where you can see "the magic" that happens behind the counter. On the opposite wall is a small wooden bar and above that are notes left on these hearts.

After you pass the above photo you are greeted with the following signs. One has the descriptions of each doughnut, while the other is a picture. Let you mouth drool over that for a minute. 


So many options. Too many choices to choose from. What's a girl to do? Do you buy one of each? How can I go home empty handed? 


After seeing each doughnut I seriously contemplated purchasing one of each. Bad idea, I know. It just means plenty of more trips to Broad Street Dough Co this summer!

I had the hardest time deciding one which ones to purchase. I took into consideration what my sister would like and what her boyfriend might enjoy and still had a hard time. Thanks to the wonderful ladies behind the bar they made some of the decisions easier with giving their favorites or top sellers. They also post their daily specials on their Instagram!

Immediately I was drawn to their Girl Scout collection which included; Thin Mint, Samoa's & my all-time favorite, Tagalongs. 

In the end I decided on the following:

A) S'mores Galore
B) The Momouth
C) Route 35
D) Tagalong

It was hard leaving with just four doughnuts. There is no doubt in my mind I will be making plenty of more trips back there, especially this summer. I also should mention they are located between my home and job. This could get dangerous, I repeat this could get dangerous. 

Every doughnut is made to order. The lady running the line was meticulous and paid attention to every detail. Want to create your own combination go ahead! There is a spot on the board for it!

If you are heading to the Jersey Shore anytime soon I highly recommend making a stop at Broad Street Dough Co. You won't regret it!

What is your favorite doughnut?