It's A Family Photo Shoot

When your best friend agrees to let you plan a photo shoot for her husband and herself, and there newly adopted puppy you jump. Now let's step back a moment and talk about the fact that I am by no means a photographer, but the passion is there. Literally the other day I had my camera and forgot my wallet as I was walking out of the house.

My father was a sports photographer before I was born and we both have worked in the industry, he still does. I have friends that are wedding and travel photographers. I read blogs, explore websites, and get inspiration from good ole Instagram. I have been shooting with the Canon EOS Rebel XTi which I am teaching myself to use everyday.

On Saturday, we drove to Red Bank where I had a plan on where I could get some great shots. The weather in New Jersey was perfect in the mid 60's. That changed very quickly over night and I am so glad we were able to get some great shots.

Riley, the Ranger Fan

I took about 45 shots of Riley, the puppy before we left the house to give her mom and dad some more time to get ready and for me to test out some different shots. Riley, is an extremely calm puppy and literally listened to every command. 

Love Always Wins

I love these individual shots with Riley. 

Dad & Riley

Mom & Riley

Seriously they made this shoot so easy even if I asked them a million times to "hold" or "smooch." 


Pit stop so Riley could have water!

Riley saw something more exciting

After a few photos by the Marina we made our way back onto the main street. Our next stop would be Riverside Gardens Park where the Christmas Tree was up as well as other holiday decorations. 

Happy Holidays From the DelCora Family


Dad's Idea- One of my favorite photos of the day!
We walked around a little before stopping for burgers and beer at The Robinson Ale House. If you are ever in Red Bank, stop here and get the Ale House Burger. 


After a great afternoon with friends we piled in the car and headed home for a few photos in their home. It was nice to get some shots in their natural environment.

Welcome Home 

Thankful for our friendship

Thank you for an amazing photo shoot. What a beautiful family and I wish you all a lifetime of health and happiness!



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