I vote that "Bagel Nook" is perfect!

Run for Student Council.
Apply for that job. 
Try out for the tennis team. 
Ask for a raise. 
Speak up when you see something that isn't right. Express what is right. 

Today a woman is showing us that the above can be done. A woman is breaking the glass ceiling. Every woman I know has been active in this election in one way or another. When I woke up this morning around 7am I knew I would be lucky that in suburbia I would not have a line to wait in, unlike the millions in NYC. My voting place was the elementary school next to the one I actually attended. It's ironic as a kid I would hear so many of my girlfriends say "I dream of being the president one day" and here we are voting for the 1st ever woman president. Emotions overwhelmed me as I parked the car and walked into the polls. I pulled myself together, walked in and voted, and walked out with the biggest smile on my face. What took all of 10 minutes will change history. 

Get out there today and Vote. Do your "civic duty" and be part of something that is bigger then you and I. 

11/8/16 will go down in HISTORY

What better way then to treat myself to breakfast after voting. If you read Buzzfeed then I am sure you have heard of Oreo Bagels. The Bagel Nook, located in Freehold, NJ is known for their funky and fun bagels. As a "Jersey Girl" I have a slight obsession with bagels and will only eat them in NJ and NYC. It felt right to treat myself to a bagel after hitting the polls this morning and so I knew I had to head over to The Bagel Nook!

Freehold, NJ

The Bagel Nook did not disappoint. I actually have decided that I plan to try every Omazing Overloads. 

So Many Choices
I had a really hard time to choose just one. I took out my camera to start taking photo's and one woman asked me if I was a professional photographer. One of the worker's asked if I was with a newspaper. Nope, just me trying my hand as a #FoodBlogger, #FoodPhotographer #Writer, etc. 

Finally I decided on the Triple Chocolate Chunk, a chocolate chip bagel with M & M Cream Cheese, and Toasted Chocolate Chip Cookie. 

There are so many options to choose from in regards to Bagels as well as spreads. Imagine Peanut Butter Fudge Cream Cheese, Cotton Candy Cream Cheese or Vanilla Milkshake Cream Cheese on a Cocoa Puffs Bagel or a Oreo Bagel. 

I mean the options are endless and let me tell you these bagels get 100% from this Jersey Girl who loves her bagels. 

Cream Cheese Board
The Butter Bar


As I mentioned above I plan to go back to try the other combinations. As someone who enjoys chocolate I am thinking my next choice will be the Chocolate Fudge or the Oreo Overload. 

What would be your first choice?



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