Friday Favorites #9

Happy Friday, friends!

I am sure we are all looking forward to the weekend and for many it started today with a 3-day weekend. First, take a moment and thank a veteran for their service. Then take some time for self-care and relaxation this weekend.

My sister and her bf are hosting a friends-giving at our house this weekend and I am working on Sunday. Retail and the holiday season are here!

With all that said, lets jump into some of my favorites from the past week. Share in the comments what you are liking this week.

Sometimes it is really important to be present and in the moment and taking a deep breathe. Controlled breathing is extremely helpful. Give it a try. 

"You must be the change you want to see in the world." Here are great articles on post-election ways to give back, donate and make a difference. 

Speaking of making a difference, Carla Birnberg's daughter is participating in Random Acts of Kindness in her school. 

This New Balance for JCrew softshell jacket looks super comfortable and an item I am adding to my holiday wishlist. 

I love travel. I dream of one day traveling the world and writing about it, yes becoming a Travel Writer is a long term goal. With that said I recently found Jessie on A Journey. I have been reading every post over the past few days. 

What are some of your favorite things this week? 



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