Summer Bucket List

Who doesn't love a good bucket list? With no plans of travel this summer, it's perfect to knock off some items, especially local ones to New Jersey and New York!

1. Have a glass or two of wine on a rooftop in New York City 
(Check, did it last week with my friend Megan)

2. Visit The Met and one other museum. 

3.Visit Reading Market in Philadelphia

4. Learn to fly a kite

5. Eat at 5 new Ice Cream Establishments in New Jersey. 
(1 down, 4 to go)

6. BBQ on the Grill once.
Edited* ( Check, grilled steak over the weekend)

7. Travel to Upstate New York

8. Make a cocktail from scratch at home.

9. Have a picnic on the beach at sunset.

10. Go on a hike in New Jersey.

11. Visit Icarus Brewery

What's on your summer bucket list?



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