Grab a seat at the Bar

This blog, "Tracy Say's....." seems to lack a theme in my own personal opinion. I am not sure how I feel or where I am going with this, so bare with me.

I want to write more how I speak, if that makes any sense. Tracy Say's, Grab a seat at the bar is all about dining alone, something I thoroughly enjoy.

Today a co-worker asked me how I could wander the local farmer's market alone, attend a local Lobsterfest or even eat a meal publicly alone? I didn't realize the stigma behind this until we were in a full conversation and she said she would be panicked to walk into a restaurant alone.

I find joy grabbing a seat at the bar, striking up a conversation with the bartender and enjoying a meal. Sometimes I will bring my kindle and read while I dine, but only if I am deeply invested in the book and I can't put it down. Talking with strangers, or bartenders always teach me something new. I learn about the person and they about me. I have yet to find an unfriendly bartender who didn't want to engage in a conversation.

Here are my 3 tips for dining alone.

1) Grab a seat at the bar. Hell, put yourself in the center of the bar, not the last bar stool or corner so that you can't strike up a conversation with fellow diners.

2) If you can dine Al Fresco ask for a table along the outside. I've been able to start a conversation with people passing by asking about my meal or the restaurant.

3) Ask your server or the bartender what their favorite item on the menu is. I bet you ten bucks it's the best meal. Many times the menu will be overwhelming and they are more then happy to recommend their favorites.

I completely understand that dining alone isn't for everyone, however I would highly recommend you try it at least once.

Have you ever dined alone? 



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