Photo Memories

If you are anything like me, you are snapping photos with your iPhone and camera hoping to get the "winning" shot. What is the winning shot, though? Why is that photo so important to take on both pieces of equipment?

Visiting our Nation's Capital ( Myself, Mom, & Sister)

For me it started at a very young age. My father has worked in the photography industry for the past 35 years. Every family celebration, vacation and other event has been captured thanks to my mom, nagging him to always bring the camera. This was way before the iPhone, even way before cell phones that had cameras. With my mother no longer here, all the photos hold an even more special meaning as when I look back I am flooded with the memories.

All of the photos may be in photo boxes and some albums, but that's what makes them special. I have no desire to download them to discs. I want to show those photos in 50 years in their original state. I want to pull them out of the box or open the album and be flooded with the most amazing memories.

College Graduation. Less then a year later my mom passed away.

Whether it's travel photos, family photos, or just random photos they each tell a story. A story that we can share with others or keep to ourselves. What would the fun be in keeping those stories to ourselves?

Here are some photos with memories that transport me back to that moment. Stories I can tell you for hours about that trip, wedding, or street art I came across.


Western Wall
I remember being at the Western Wall in January 2010, praying that my mother would get better. She would lose her battle to cancer June 2010. That moment is one I will never forget. I called home right after our visit to the wall. She was sick again in the hospital.

Disney with my friend.
I had a work conference that was putting my up in Orlando for a few days and decided to make a weekend trip with one of my closest friends who is a Disney Fanatic. I even rode a roller coaster with her that trip. It was my first experience with Harry Potter World as well.

Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street
My cousin was getting married in San Francisco in 2011. Luck would have it the San Francisco Marathon & Half Marathon was the same weekend. My dad knocked out a half marathon went back to rest up and danced the night away at the wedding that night. I on the other hand took to the streets of San Francisco to explore. It soon became my favorite city and I have since been back to visit a few times. I even talked about moving there. That is still an option. Who knows.

Do you have a favorite photo with a memory attached?



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