NJ Small Town, Cranbury

One of the things that makes New Jersey so special is our diverse mix of cities and towns. Our small towns are beautiful and filled with history and charm. Cranbury's roots date all the way back to the 17th Century. One of the oldest establishments, the Cranbury Inn was built in 1780 and still exists today. Today, the rich history is beautifully preserved while all of the architectural building are in tact and Brainerd Lake is home to some amazing summer concerts.

A short drive from Princeton, you can visit Cranbury in one day. I highly recommend parking at one end and walking through the entire town before heading back.

The character and charm of the house above stopped me in my tracks. A woman with two young children walked by and said, "You have to sneak a look at the garden in the back," however there were landscapers on the property and I didn't want to get in trouble for trespassing. What a magical home I imagine it would be to live in.

Brainerd Lake

View from South Main Street

Water Fountain

Brainerd Dam

Bench overlooking the Lake

As you walk along South Main Street each house will have a plaque that looks similar to the one below. Take a walking tour of the town to learn about the history of Cranbury.

After walking around and working up an appetite be sure to stop for Pizza and Ice Cream. Cranbury Pizza is the perfect quaint Italian restaurant with outside patio seating. Some have ranked their pizza as the best in the state. I will have to get back to you, as I have a few places left on my list to try.

After you've had your pizza the next stop across the street is ice cream from Gil & Bert's Hand Dipped Ice Cream. Sure I had it at 11am, because let's be real it's never to early for ice cream. Flying Fish Fudge is nothing you would imagine, yet the best mixture I've had in a while. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge, cookie dough, and m&m's.

I had a wonderful day exploring Cranbury and as I said, if you're in the Princeton area be sure to check it out! 

What is your favorite flavor ice cream?



  1. I'm the worst at Blogger commenting, had a typo and wanted to repost - this is a wonderful blog entry, Tracy! I love your photos of Cranbury, I've got to visit one day! I blog about NJ at www.gardenstatevoyage.com, I recently went to Princeton - I would love for us to connect as fellow Jersey bloggers. Have a great summer!

    1. Thank you, Christina! I will check it out, thanks have a great summer as well!


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