4 Day Weekend

My body and mind were thankful for this 4 day weekend! I needed to hit the refresh button. I had so much going on in my brain. From pain and grief to happy and excited I just felt completely all over the place. If that even makes any sense.

Thursday: I parked myself on a beach chair in Avon, NJ for the morning and early afternoon. By the time I left at around 2pm I had managed to burn my shoulders and thighs. 

1st Beach Day of Summer

Love the sound of crashing waves

Next stop was Asbury Park. The convention center is home to some cool unique boutiques as well as restaurants. The boardwalk was hoping. Supporting locals is something that I especially love to do. 

The Market
There were some great local and national makers, artists, and designers in The Market. Currently they are open Thursday-Monday from 12-6. Be sure to stop by and check them out. They are all about the community!

Carla Gizzi 

Let's talk about this shop for a moment. Every sign rang true. Every piece of jewelry was begging to come home with me. I could live in the store and constantly be inspired!

Damn Proud

After some walking around I headed outside to get some shots of the artwork along the rest of the boardwalk. 

Check out some of the great works below. For more you can visit @SeaChangeAp on Instagram. 

I worked up an appetite and decided to try Asbury Oyster Bar. It was my first time having oysters, and coincidentally I had them Friday as well.

The Wildling Bastard are from Barnagat Bay. I enjoyed those but the Virginia were more my speed!

The atmosphere is super casual, white walls, and a bunch of hightops. There is "outdoor" seating as well which is inside the convention center.

Friday: After sleeping in I headed into NYC to visit one of my closest friend, Megan who just moved to a new apartment, with a ROOFTOP!!! We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun, catching up on life and just enjoying each other's company.

Rooftop Views

Shredded Pork
We grabbed oysters and a glass of wine at Somm Time Wine Bar before heading to dinner at The Upsider.

Saturday: I slept in, did some writing and went through my closet. Dinner was sushi and I called it a night pretty early.

Sunday: It has been 7 years since I lost my mother to cancer. It was also the OneLoveManchester tribute. The overall day weighed heavy on my heart. You can read about it here.

What did you do this weekend?



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