Weekend of #TrySomethingNew

Can you believe we are less then a week away from October? How is it that Labor Day was so long ago? The temperatures in New Jersey are starting to reflect the actual season which I like!

This weekend was packed with all good things!

I had a migraine on Friday and by the time my sister's boyfriend arrived for the weekend I was passed out at 7pm. I knew food would be good, so we grabbed dinner as she was working. Beers and the Met's game it was at our local Chili's.

Saturday I worked in the morning at the yoga studio before heading to my cousin's house for her son's 7th Birthday! The theme Pokemon Go was all over the house and the backyard. Thankfully the temps were just right and the sun came out so we could be outdoors. The only picture I got was of the 3 yes 3 cakes he had. Spending time with the family the always fun. I am looking forward to next weekend as we will all be together again for Rosh Hashannah & Yom Kippur before everyone leaves for their travels!

I set a goal to challenge myself to leave my comfort zone, try something new, talk to new people so when I found a Knife Skills class at my local Williams-Sonoma, I knew I had to try it! I have always been afraid of cutting myself and dicing the vegetables wrong so I knew this class would be a great starter which I found very informative. We were about 10 ladies and everyone asked questions except myself. The instructor took one look and after class gave me a mini tutorial as he could tell I was afraid. After class I was inspired to utilize the lesson later in the day when we were cooking dinner. You have to start somewhere.

In the area of learning something new I decided to actually sit down and watch the #WASvsNYG game yesterday. Thank you google for helping me to understand certain rulings and calls as I am a beginner at this sport. I am 100% a Giants fan; however I don't always watch because I found it too confusing. Now that I understand more and am slowly enjoying the sport I look forward to the rest of the season! I'll have to start catching games at local sports bars!

Sunday night dinner included Steak with Shrimp & Pineapple Fried Rice. It was absolutely delicious and a team effort in the kitchen. My sister and I would watch and learn from her boyfriend and read the recipe card. We also made chicken cutlets for the week to have as well as the rest of the leftovers. Here I was able to put my Knife skills to use by dicing the onions and chopping the garlic. I also cut chunks of a pineapple, which getting the skin off was my least favorite part. The meal was easy to make and I look forward to more nights in the kitchen!

My sister would love to kill me for the number of journals I currently have, it's an addiction, a good one. I love to write. That is why I have this small corner of the Internet after all. Last night we popped into Home Goods, a dangerous store for me to pick up some bathroom items, when I came across some journals. I knew I couldn't leave the store without at least one. I had 3 at one time but she reminded me I could always come back for the others. That store is a constant inspiration for me, what about you? Do you love it?

"A little Step May Be the Beginning of a Great Journey"
I love the picture above oh and we are growing Basil and Parsley! Again, try something new. It can't and won't hurt.

How was your weekend?



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