Sunday Brunch: The Brass Rail

Did someone say Eggs Benedict?

Mimosa anyone? 

I'll take both with a side of girlfriends for an amazing brunch any day. 

Today I found myself visiting one of my girlfriends from all the way back to elementary school in Hoboken. The walk-able town is super cute and filled with people walking their dogs, hanging out at local restaurants, and exploring the waterfront. One of my goals this year was to be better with maintaining friendships and I have vowed to visit her more, especially since she lives in a cool area of New Jersey and we always have a blast when we get together. 

The buildings below are one a street near her and I absolutely love the design. Not all apartments have parking so the garages below the units make it super convenient. 

In the beginning of the week I told her to pick our spot for Brunch today, totally not realizing there was a Giants home game at 1pm. It worked to our advantage as the restaurant she chose had TV's at the Bar but we were able to be seated outside. I didn't mind but some people didn't like the delay from the bar next door as they were ahead and we knew before a touchdown was scored. 

The Brass Rail is located on the corner of 2nd Street and Washington Street( the main street in the town). As mentioned we sat outside and were chatting for close to 30 minutes before we even looked at the menu. The waitress was extremely sweet giving us time to catch up and not interrupting us. Once I looked over the menu I knew I was in trouble since so many items looked delicious. Just means another trip will be in order to try more options. We both decided on the Prix Fixe Brunch for $22 which was perfect. You ordered one appetizer, one entree and one alcoholic beverage and each additional beverage was either $2 or $3 depending on what you ordered. 

I started with a mimosa my go-to brunch drink. For my appetizer I was torn between the S'More Crepes or the Smoked Salmon Toast. Both sounded delicious and in the end I went with......

S'More Crepes

Let me tell you they were crispy with the perfect amount of marsh mellow "fluff" and chocolate sauce on the outside. Filled with more chocolate sauce and topped with graham cracker crumbles it was one of the best "Crepes" I have ever had. I could have easily just had 3 servings and been happy.

As for my entree I decided on the Lobster Eggs Benedict. Usually I am more of a french fry girl, but this time I completely forgot to ask and when it arrived wasn't sure about the home fries; however in the end it worked out since I ate it with the extra hollandaise sauce. There was plenty of lobster bites and topped anything topped with bacon get an A+ from me. The eggs had just the right amount of run in them and I really enjoyed the side of fresh herbs. 

Lobster Eggs Benedict
Eventually I landed up with 2 mimosas but unfortunately never got a picture of them. Oh well. We sat for close to 2 hours just catching up on careers, relationships, and life in general. I left after that and headed home to help my sister and her BF with housework as he will be moving in soon. 

Seeing her made me wish I still lived in Manhattan and we would be so close. In due time things will come together for me and when they do I will be ready with open arms! 

As for my next Brunch location I am taking recommendations for NJ or NYC? 



  1. Looks so yummy!! Next time you're in NYC, you should try Ruby's in Murray in Hill, Rosemary's in Greenwich Village or Jack's Wife Freda in West Village. :)

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    1. Hi Jen, Thank you. I love Rosemary's and Jack's Wife Freda!!!

      Never been to Ruby's and will be adding it to my list!


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