Summer to Fall Transitions mean Donations

The transition to fall means trading the flip flops for boots and the t-shirts to comfy sweaters. Two years ago when I moved back home I knew it was time to downsize and go through clothes, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous items I was keeping. Question for you: Did you keep your yearbooks from Elementary School through High School? What about school pictures your parents bought? Let me tell you I have boxes of stuff.

This year my sister and I who are roommates are gaining a new roommate, her boyfriend. One of the biggest upsides is he enjoys cooking which means I won’t go hungry or continue to eat cereal for dinner. He also has been making us clean out the common areas and I have to say it’s been pretty therapeutic. Changing out really old photos for new ones, redesigning the Kitchen, Living and Dining Rooms and getting rid of stuff we don’t use or need. When I say getting rid of stuff, I mean making large donations to different organizations and that is what I really want to speak about.

I can't remember the last time we threw out clothing or household items that could still be used. I remember being younger and my mom took me to a shelter to deliver old blankets we had collected from friends and family. I think back to that time with her every time I make a big donation trip. She would be so proud and I am thankful for that wonderful lesson, one of many she taught before passing away. 

Bags of Clothing & Mirrors

More clothes, pots & pans, and mirrors.
I have an easier time parting with clothing I don't wear or items I haven't used in months where my sister is more attached. This was a huge project for her and I am proud of her for making large donations. This trip we donated to the local Goodwill in East Brunswick, NJ. 

When you are cleaning out your closets this Fall/Winter and you are thinking of throwing things out, make a smarter decision and donate. There are so many amazing organizations out there that will take unwanted items. Some will even come to your house and all you have to do is leave the bags outside the front door. Remember to get a receipt as you can use it as a tax write off next year.

As we cleaned out the pantry and kitchen closets we came across a lot of unopened food that pantry's could use. A great local organization in New Jersey is Move for Hunger. If you are moving all you have to do is put aside your unopened food and the moving trucks will pick up the food and donate to a local food pantry. We also donate to Elijah's Promise.

So as you clean out and transition from Summer to Fall this year donate all your unwanted clothing, shoes, household items and food. Give back to those who need.

What organization do you support?



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