Friday Favorites #4

Are you excited that yesterday was the first official day of Fall? At 9am it was 66 degrees and by noon it was 85. Not sure I can get behind the "fall" wardrobes just yet. Maybe next week. 

Before we jump into my #FridayFavorites I just want to say I hope that Charlotte comes out strong on the other side.  

We all need to take time to reflect sometimes. Today I found myself at Elmer B. Boyd Park in New Brunswick, NJ before my mammography. I am considered High Risk as my mother was diagnosed at 35 with Metastatic Breast Cancer, which means I need to have a yearly mammography starting at 25. To be honest, I haven't had one in 3 years. Here is my PSA: Get Screened. Be Proactive. Take Preventative measures. 

Now for some of my favorite things this week!

1) If you haven't already watched "This Is Us" on NBC you are missing out. That pilot episode was one that actually stopped me in my tracks. Watch it. 

2) Every night this week the sky turned pink. It was beautiful. The colors were everything. It makes you appreciate the moment. Just like stop and smell the roses, stop and look up! Every Instagram and Snapchat showed so many different views and perspectives. 

3) Carly, wrote about "How to Turn Around a Bad Day" and let me tell you it resonated with me. Every once in a while I feel super overwhelmed or irritated and I need to remember that if you "schedule" yourself and then move you will feel better. 

4) It's Swabtember for #DeleteBloodCancer. 

5) Have you ever wanted to do or achieve something and didn't know how to? Usually is easy, you just have to "Start." These two ladies, Kelly Roberts & Alison Feller Cristiano are both super inspiring and now are part of this epic movement called "Project Start" from Women's Running

What are you enjoying this week?



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