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Last night I met my best and friend and her mother in New York City for our monthly dinners. When I lost my mom 6 years ago I knew I had many mother figures around me that I could always turn to. We have been friends for over 15 years and I am so lucky to have her and her family in my life.

Our reservations at Thalia were not until 7:30 and I arrived in the city around 5:30. With time to spare I headed to my absolute favorite place, Central Park! Having lived only three avenue's from the park a few years back I miss not being able to walk through everyday. Each part of the park has a magical touch and every time I go I find something new. This trip was no different. These hidden stairs have to be a new favorite of mine and I enjoyed just sitting on them and listening to the sounds in the park!

Looking Down

Looking Up
No trip to the park would be complete without a stop to my favorite bridge. When I lived in Manhattan and I was feeling anxious I would always pop over and stare out from the bridge. The clarity I found those days I wish I could bottle up and take with me all the time.

NYC The Official Guide is running a promotional campaign: #SeeYourCity. ( Explore.Snap.Share) I took the picture below and shared it on my Instagram and Twitter.

After walking around the park I stopped into The Shops at Columbus Circle, Time Warner Center. Secretly I was hoping to spot some players in town for the US Open, as in years past they have visited there. Unfortunately no spotting's; however I stopped into JCrew and landed up talking to a sales associate who grew up in the same town as me, talk about a small world! This is the first year I am not attending the Open and I'm pretty bummed. Next year I will have to buy tickets in advance.

Some other photos from my walk through the city!

Dinner at Thalia was wonderful. We shared the following appetizer's: Fricasse of Mushrooms, Burrata Cheese, and California Roll. For my main dish I went with the Tiger Shrimp Scampi which was delicious. I enjoyed the shrimp alone with Focaccia Bread dipped and the Orzo on the side!

After dinner and lots of bubbly Rose Prosecco we headed to Junior's to end the night with cheesecake!

Whenever we are together it is a a great evening!

What is your favorite non-chain restaurant? What is your favorite NYC restaurant?



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